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“Paranormal Witness,” September 26 – The Mansfield Mansion

Amy watched tearfully as her daughter left, as she was now alone in the house. Amy needed a dishwasher, and the man installing it walked down stairs and took a few steps in, then turned around and panicked. He was so scared that would not even come back into the house.

Amy found it so disturbing knowing that something happened at the house. Shortly after, Detective Dave was going through a divorce and needed a place to live, so Amy offered him a place to stay. All Dave had was his television, nightstand and a bed, and that is all he needed. He was a police officer for over twenty years and does not scare easily. He said he thought it was Amy’s imagination. Dave was home alone one night and heard the floorboard’s creaking. He was nervous because he knew Amy was not home.

Dave picked up his gun and unlatched his door and could not see anything. He had his gun and walked down the hallway doing a routine check of the rooms. There was no one there but those strange sounds. He had dismissed it, as maybe he was tired and needed more sleep.

Dave gathered the plates and dishes and headed for the kitchen. He heard a loud noise, and something stepped in front of him. He saw it, but Dave could not verify what it was. Dave is in law enforcement and the unseen was scaring the life out of him. It was yet another cover your eyes and peak through your fingers moment, but this time some goosebumps were added on as well. The show adds that extra scare tactic. It is not just paranormal but the fear that these people felt and still feel.

All of these noises and occurrences were bothering Amy. She heard noises and then heard a growl; she looked around and nothing was there. Dave was in his room watching television and heard the water bottle hit the floor. He picked it up and put it back on his bed, then suddenly the water bottle flew across the room (Umm, Get out and Move pronto!). Dave believes there is something in the house that he does not understand and it bothers him to this day.

Dave could not handle it anymore so he had to leave. Amy’s son was laid off, so he and his fiancé decided to move in. Amy felt more comfortable moving in. Her son’s fiancé remembers walking in the first time and the finding the house “enchanting.” Soon after they moved in, they put their son Bubba down for a nap, and Casey went downstairs with Amy’s son. Through the baby monitor they heard “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Casey knew there was no way the song could have been playing anywhere because their baby owned no toys that played that song. They heard this growling horrible voice say “Bubba,” and Casey and Amy’s son took off running to check on their screaming baby. The baby was terrified. You would think they would want to get out of the house. It’s straight out of a horror film. Casey and Bill checked on the baby who had fallen asleep.

Casey frantically began searching for religious charms to place around the baby’s crib. Bill began having horrible dreams, and Casey was becoming the victim of them as she woke up screaming for Bill to stop. Amy had a horrific dream where she was a little girl panicking, and there were dolls all around her. She was terrified, and the next thing she knew, there was a voice telling her to wash her hands. She felt the pain as the child died.

Amy knew the house had secrets. At the American Eagle Saloon, a friend asked her what she was looking at. It turned out to be photos of her house that was once the Mansfield Training School, a mental asylum where the patients were abused horrible, with some of those patients being children. Amy did further research. The house was previously called “The House of Imbeciles.” They considered disabled people to be useless and would perform lobotomies. Horrific stuff was taking place.

Amy was horrified with what she found in her research: abuse, rape, death and further horrors than she could even fathom. Amy believes the source was in the basement. From his strange concrete structure located in the basement, Amy called for help. They used a crow bar to open the concrete slab. Amy looked at it and even picked some of it up. It was cremated body parts. Amy was very upset. The remains are currently in the hands of the State Pathologists. Amy, Bill and Casey still live in this house. (Remind me not to visit them!)

There will be times where the house is peaceful and fine, and then the tormented fear starts to happen again. Amy is determined to stay in her home. She said for the skeptics who do not believe her, she invites them to come and stay in her home. Most likely you will run in the opposite direction. It was a great episode; the fear factor was incredible. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Make sure to watch next week’s haunted episode of “Paranormal Witness,” Wednesday on Syfy at 10/9c. Happy Hauntings.

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