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The Amazing Race, Oct. 2 – We're Not Toast Yet

Jeremy and Sandy give up their money, just before Bill and Cathi. Ethan and Jenna are told to go back and hand over all their money. He calls it unbelievable. Kaylani and Lisa are the tenth team to arrive, and it’s a double elimination, but because they gave up all their money, they are team number three and still in the Race. Ernie and Cindy are now pronounced team number four. Liz and Marie, Jeremy and Sandy, and Bill and Cathi, are now team numbers five, six, and seven. Justin and Jennifer are now team number eight. He announces to her raised eyebrows that his goal isn’t to pick on her, but to win a million dollars. She explains through tears she feels terrible because she can’t run.

Ron and Bill arrive at the orphanage and give their tips, although don’t appear to give them the extra. Amani and Marcus give them their extra, as do Ethan and Jenna. They see Ron and Bill and know they were in last place, but as Ethan points out, they don’t know if they gave up all their money or not. Ethan is sure they can outrun the others.

Ron and Bill arrive at the pit stop and are told they were meant to hand over all their cash. They have to go back. The race is now between Amani and Marcus and Ethan and Jenna, to see who will be in ninth place, and who will be the first of the two teams to be eliminated tonight. The next to arrive are Amani and Marcus.

Ethan and Jenna arrive and are told they are the tenth team to arrive and are being eliminated. Something these two aren’t used to. Ethan calls it sad news, and says they’re disappointed, but can’t fault themselves for trying. After he beat cancer, they made a promise to themselves they were going to take advantage of every single moment. Just to be there traveling the world is what matters the most.

Ron and Bill get back to the orphanage to hand over the rest of their cash, Bill knows they have more than anyone could ever win on a TV show, and people would pay millions to have what they have. He tells Phil they can take the news, as they’re strong. They are indeed eliminated, as Bill says it was absolutely incredible. Ron calls it fun, exhilarating, and amazing. Bill calls it a chapter in their race. It’s been amazing and will continue to be so. Leaving early doesn’t take anything away for them.

Sadly, it seems the two teams leaving this week are two who were doing this not for the money as much as the experience, which seems to counteract with the Detour was all about. They should have been the two who were first to the mat. The good news about that is that they succeeded with it. The orphanage challenge was a good one, and it gives these teams something to take away with them. They may not have won the Race or made it very far, but they’ll always know they helped some very needy children, and that just might be worth a million.

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