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The Amazing Race, Oct. 2 – We're Not Toast Yet

Bill and Cathi are the first to arrive at the cave and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will have to go spelunking. They will descend into the dark cave and search for a Japanese mask and indigenous dagger. They’ll then scale a large bamboo ladder and deliver the artifacts to get the next clue. But first, Bill and Cathi need to complete their speed bump. They have to untangle a knotted rope, and having that done, will continue on with the Roadblock. He considers this like “Christmas tree lights gone crazy.”

The other teams are beginning to arrive, with Marcus comparing the bumpy road to the ones found in Detroit. Ernie is shocked to see Bill and Cathi there already. Cindy decides to do this task as LizMarie arrive with one of them doing it, of course. Bill and Cathi make it through their speed bump, with Bill doing the Roadblock and Cathi urging him to hurry to stay ahead. Amani and Marcus arrive, with him agreeing to do it, even though he doesn’t know what spelunking is. Cindy has a blast doing this, comparing it to a Jurassic Park jungle.

The graphic has helped me out to show me it’s Marie doing the Roadblock. Now that he knows what spelunking is, Marcus calls it no problem, as he’s a deer hunter and used to being up in trees. Bill, Marcus, and Marie all enjoy the experience of the spelunking, calling it beautiful.

Jeremy and Sandy arrive at the Roadblock, with him deciding to do it. Andy and Tommy arrive as well, with Tommy doing the spelunking. Justin/Jennifer and Ethan/Jenna also arrive, and Justin and Ethan do the challenge. Lisa of Kaylani and Lisa will be spelunking, as will Zac of Laurence and Zac, and Bill of Roger and Bill.

Cindy and Lisa are on their way back, and Ethan marks he feels like a monkey on his descent. Someone refers to this as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Jakarta. Kaylani is impressed with the beauty. Cindy has a hard time climbing the ladder as her legs are too short for the wide gaps in the bamboo. Marie explains her legs are much longer, so is climbing much faster, and Bill of Bill/Cathi is faster because he says he has upper body strength.

Bill is the first to return his found items, complete the Roadblock, and get the next clue. This sends them on a Detour – Shake Your Moneymaker or Be a Ticket-Taker. I love those titles! In Shake Your Moneymaker, the teams will go to a congested intersection, and one team member will learn a complicated dance, while the other accompanies them on a percussion instrument. They need to earn 30,000 Rupiah in tips. In Be a Ticket-Taker, teams will head to a mall and work as parking attendants to earn 15,000 Rupiah. All teams will then head to an orphanage and donate earnings to get the next clue. They must also realize the fine print on the sign at the orphanage telling them to also give “all the money in your possession to help the orphans.”

Bill and Cathi decide to be ticket-takers. Marie finishes, and she and Liz decide to entertain, as do Ernie and Cindy. Bill is upset to find out that while their driver did a fantastic job in getting them there first, he parked badly, and now Liz and Marie have left ahead of them. Marcus completes the Roadblock and decides he and Amani will dance.

Zac knows he and his dad are dead last right now, and it’s not a good place to be, but Kaylani and Lisa are even further behind, as are Ron and Bill. Bill notes Ron is a great motivator to him, and he needs that. Ron continues to talk him through this.

Liz and Marie hit the Moneymaker Detour, and work on getting tips. Bill/Cathi and Ernie/arrive at the mall and compete with each other at parking the bikes.

Jeremy and Sandy get done with the Roadblock, and she’d rather dance. Justin and Jennifer finish as well, and he wants to be Ticket-Takers. Andy and Tommy also decide to be Ticket-Takers. Tommy is fine with whatever happens, as long as they don’t come in last or second to last. Sandy realizes a mistake at this point could be fatal. Ethan finishes the Roadblock, and he and Jenna decide to do the dancing. He thinks there is only one team behind them, but she corrects him that there are three.

Zac finishes the Detour, and he and his dad decide to park motorcycles. They realize this could be the game. Kaylani and Lisa finish the Detour and decide to shake their moneymakers. Ron and Bill finish and decide to shake their moneymakers. They know being dead last they have to raise the money quickly. Bill is concerned they’re going home on just the second leg.


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