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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 6 – Fight For Your Right To Gravy Foam

In the Elimination Challenge, Macho chose prosciutto and cheddar cheese before getting saddled with chicken. She chose to take the skin and turn it into a chip or crisp, and made something so good that Ad-Rock was haunted by it and all of the other foods he could put on it. Meanwhile, Matt dominated. He had chosen cornbread and whiskey, which is fairly safe, but had Hammer put mashed potatoes and gravy on his plate. The cheesecake he made was inspired, as was the whiskey caramel. But the clincher was his last minute decision to put the gravy in a cream whipper. The resulting topping to cheesecake not only looked great but it actually tasted like gravy. The judges were literally giddy tasting it. Easy win.

And an easy loss to predict as well. Katzie got knocked to the bottom because she totally copped out by using french fries as, well, french fries. That dish did not take very long to conceptualize or to generate. Boring. Megan’s cake was crumbly, and one of her ingredients conspicuously lacking in presence, but it was clear that the One Armed Bandit was done. Rebecca really struggled to make the falafel. She wound up infusing the flavors into a panna cotta, but the problem was that she chose to heavily douse it in garlic. She really had little chance at that point. The look of horror on Elvis’ face upon his first bite said it all.

So, she is gone and we are all of a sudden down to seven chefs and we are halfway through the competition. If they go with a Final Three to end it, we only have four weeks to go before the end. This makes sense as Top Chef: Texas is promoting an early November kick-off. Sigh. Bravo. You really want me to be checked into a home, don’t you? Reason for committing – ran out of food-related jokes. Somehow, I always knew it would end that way.

Quickfire – Guest judge Jordan Kahn joins Gail and looks like he just came from the 15th Annual Hipster Emo Convention. He hasn’t said a word, and I already want to key his Prius. Anyway, he’s there to judge the unlikely ingredient challenge, as chefs approach a portable garden and dig up random root vegetables. Make a dessert out of it, succeed and win immunity and five grand. Megan has never even heard of her root and looks incredible awkward chopping hers up. Carlos is going to the peanut butter and celery well again.

Rebecca – French Fries, Chocolate Sauce, and Malted Milk Ice Cream

Megan – Five-spice Burdock Root Fritter and Candied Burdock Root Compote – Hipster likes the root. Whatever.

Katzie – Soy Milk Panna Cotta, Mascarpone Cream Caramel, and Turnip Chips – The dish is too confusing, and is a melty blob.

Hammer – Jicama Watermelon Jam with Panna Cotta and Jicama Salad – He is disqualified because he put jicama fries on top at plating, but last second garnishes have to be temperature sensitive. So, no soup for you.

Carlos – Celery Root in 3 Textures with Peanut Butter Pudding

Matt – Caramelized Parsnip Cake with Banana Puree and Caramelized Hazelnuts

Macho – Mango Pudding with Turmeric and Curried Popcorn

Orlando – Peach and Radish Crumble with Kataifi Crunch and Vanilla Bean Sherbet

Bottom Two – Rebecca for a whimsical idea, but something that looks like “our fury a birth” in my notes. That’s not helpful. Carlos is also on the bottom for a great idea, but not good execution. Like my notes.

Top Two – Macho for vibrant colors and solid tumeric and South Asian flavors. And Matt for the most beautiful dish and smart carrot cake-like dessert. Macho wins for serving the one dish Hipster would eat again.

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