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X-Factor, Sept. 29 – Boot Camp Ahead

Cari Fletcher, 17, a student, knows she’ll be up there one day and isn’t going to stop until she is. She’s been singing since she was around six years old. The audition is so important to her. Nicole remarks to L.A. that she’s beautiful. She sings Alone, as Paula notes she choreographed Heart. Cari is starting in a key just a little too low for her, but is very good when she hits the powerful part of the lyrics.

Nicole likes Cari’s focus and believes she has great potential. Paula really likes her, and L.A. thinks she has a star’s name, a star’s face, and a star’s voice. He was impressed. Simon tells her there was nothing distinctive about it, with nothing to remember for him. She was boring. Paula tells her she is going to get eaten alive if she doesn’t come back with confidence. She gets four yeses.

Others to get through include Joshua Blaylock, 30, a PR manager, who moved to NYC from a small town, so to live this dream means everything to him; Emily Michalak, 12, a student, who can’t believe she got four yeses; and Dorit Yehudai, 48, an office manager, who calls this a dream come true.

Ausem (Austin and Emily), 15, students, met during the fall play in sixth grade and became best friends. They have their school friends and families there to support them. They’ll know they’re on top when they compete against Lady Gaga at the Grammys and win. They both feel the passion when they sing together and have created tears of joy when they perform. What they do is more musical theater. Yet, they’re good. Simon gets a sneer, so you know he likes them.

Simon thinks the audience Ausem is aiming at will understand them perfectly, and that’s why they have such support. He says yes. L.A. thinks Austin is a star, and isn’t convinced of the duet. One of the parents, most likely Emily’s dad, complains it’s not fair. But because L.A. thinks Austin is a star, he says yes. Nicole agrees Austin has a pretty good voice, and struggles whether she should say yes to just Austin or no to the group. Simon pushes her for an answer, and when she won’t commit, he walks off. The crowd starts chanting for them, and Nicole finally gives the group a yes, as does Paula.

We round up the auditions with those from all of the cities, ones that didn’t make the cut for the shows originally. First up from this group is Tora Woloshin, 21, a college student, who is gong to school to become an automotive technician. She loves building race cars and racing. Music comes first though, as she imagines herself on a huge stage. Hearing she loves race cars, Simon figures she’s the most perfect girl in the world. She sings I Want You Back, and is as vivacious as her colorful outfit that matches her personality. The judges are all digging her.

Tora gets a standing ovation, and she tells the crowd they’re awesome and admits it felt good. Paula calls her a little firecracker. L.A. saw how blown away she was by her reception here and tells her it was really good. Simon absolutely loves her, as she starts crying. There’s something about her the minute she walked out, and that’s why it’s called the X-Factor. There’s something else. He thinks she could be special and has a good feeling about her. Nicole noticed something unique in Tora’s voice, and calls her different, funky, and cool. Paula noticed her sweetness and tonal quality of her voice. She likes the way she looks, and that she knows who she is. She gets four yeses.

Jore-El Garcia, 22, a personal assistant, thinks he has the X factor, because he can perform his butt off while onstage. HIs inspiration are the pop goddesses, mostly Madonna, and that’s why he sings Lucky Star. He snaps from offstage, then makes his entrance. His theatrics fail, and his voice isn’t much better. He swivels his hips, which Nicole begs for more of. Simon cuts it short and tells Jore-El the singing was terrible and the dancing was probably worse. L.A. calls it fun, but the big X behind him represents a $5 million prize, so he votes no, as does Nicole.

If John Duff, 21, a college graduate, looks on the charts today, the people who he sees his career following include a male Katy Perry, combined with some Nicki Minaj and some Ke$ha. He takes off his flannel and sings, dance, bumps, and grinds his way through the audition that Simon again cuts short. Paula calls it a little strange, and he’s quickly dismissed. If Darlene & Sherone, 22, sales associates, were on tour with someone today, it would be with Nicole, of course. Neither one of them has much talent, and to top if off, they do moves together that make the judges uncomfortable. They get four noes.

Ric White, 45, an artistic director, sings Land of 1000 Dances, and of course dances as well. Paula does her own 1000 dances while he sings. Simon calls it their own version of When Harry Met Sally. It was good for her, so asks how it was for Ric. We don’t hear if he gets in.

The Stereo Hogzz, ages 23-25, feel music is their way to stay out of trouble. One of them just had a baby that morning. he just wants to do it now for his child. The judges congratulate him. Their lead voice seems a little on the weak side. He’s a guy who seems like he wants to emulate Usher. They harmonize well, though. Simon feels they have the air of being over-rehearsed. Nicole loves the energy and effort. L.A. votes yes, Nicole yes, Paula yes, and Simon yes as well.


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