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Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Ep 1 – How Tweet It Is

Route Markers
• 15 minutes in and someone already made a vomit reference. Not many other shows can handle that.
• Big time editing – Team Snowboard Dudes get the umbrella first and arrive at the ticket counter in seventh. Medicinal marijuana stop, anyone?
• Loved the contrast of Jenna saying they were not revealing their fame, and the entire group of Racers talking about their fame.
• If Team Geritol can survive, we may get more Bill-isms – “We got the tail end of the duck.” He said that after they were so slow to get out of the airport in Taiwan that they literally missed the bus to the challenge.
• Team Dude gets a reggae theme, a la the Cowboys and Trotters themes. Could be cool, could be annoying.
• Cindy on the dragon boat – “I feel so Asian right now.” Billions of people just said excuse me.
• Loved the locations, especially the Martyrs Shrine for the first Pit Stop. Here is a tribute to fallen Taiwanese soldiers with a changing of the guard each hour. Martyrs Shrine in other parts of the world would take on a totally different meaning.
• Kaylani would do anything for a million dollars. I am sure Twitter Boy heard that and is getting right on the job.
• My wife was fascinated by Phil’s necklace, which looked like a day camp project, but was probably some sacred Kiwi symbol.
• Amazing Race still can’t show men kissing, as Guido 2 gets the Guido 1 edit on the Mat. Let’s see if that changes at all during the season.
• Team Showgirls – “I guess that’s why they call it the Amazing Race…because anything can happen.” No, then it would be called the Anything Can Happen Race.

Roadblock – Repeat back a phrase. Cindy, Sandy, Jennifer, Ethan, Amani, Zac, Andy, Ron, Lisa, Liz, Cathi.

Order of Finish – Control Freak, New Jeremy, Siblings, Survivors, Peytons, Magellan, Dudes, Guido 2, Showgirls, Twins, and Geritol (NON-ELIMINATED)

Next week – Two go home. The siblings fight and Ethan lost the clue.

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