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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – Are you Ready to Rock?

Kimberly tells the judges that her client loves the color brown. Sam likes the pants, but not the shirt. Kimberly also tells the judges that she’d never made menswear before. Michael thinks Sam looks like “Peter Brady at an autumn harvest.” He also thinks the shirt looks like a bowling shirt.

Viktor distressed Leot’s pants in order to make them look like vintage jeans. He also braided the fringe on the shoulders of the jacket. Leot likes the shirt and jeans, but isn’t as crazy as the jacket, which the judges love. Michael’s impressed by the fit of Viktor’s jeans.

Last up is Josh, who loved working with brown suede. He’d used a graphic print. Ryan likes the look. Heidi does like the big zipper, but the judges agree that there are a few things too many. Adam dislikes the pants pockets. Michael and Nina like the vest.

The judges then have their chat. They agree that Anya and Kimberly, who usually do very well, showed their inexperience this week. Olivier didn’t have that excuse, and he still made an unfinished outfit that didn’t suit a lead singer who stands 6’3″. As for the designers they did like, Josh made a hip and sexy outfit. Viktor made a fantastic jacket and everything fit perfectly. Bert’s look was modern, powerful, and sexy, and he gave Ewan a persona.

The judges then call everybody back in to announce their decision. Bert is in, while Viktor is the winner. Laura, Josh, Anthony, and Anya are in, leaving Kimberly and Olivier in the bottom two. Kimberly is in, while Olivier is out. Later on, Viktor and Leot go the Garnier advertising shoot.

With Olivier gone, the last obvious weak link is gone. Between his time management problems, his refusal to listen to clients, and his boring color sense, Olivier was not finals material. But just as there are no obvious weak links left, there is also no obvious front runner. Usually by this time in the show, I can point to a given designer and say that they all but have a lock on Fashion Week. That’s not the case here. Josh, the self-proclaimed front-runner, does indeed have two wins to his name — but he’s also been in the bottom twice. Viktor has also won twice, as he and Josh shared a victory, and he’s been in the bottom only once so far. He and Josh have also been in the top three times apiece, but I believe Viktor has edged out Josh for the front-runner spot. Bert has been in the bottom four times, so his next trip there will almost certainly be his last. Laura and Kimberly have landed in the middle most of the time, but that middle is rapidly disappearing. The next few challenges will be make or break for them. Anya and Anthony have generally been strong contenders, so either one could grab a spot in the Finals.

Next week: Anya loses her money while shopping at Mood. The designers face something from the past.

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