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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – Are you Ready to Rock?

Tim, Peter, and the Sheepdogs come in for a hair consultation. Bert and Olivier tell Peter what they’d like him to do to Ewan’s hair; Laura, Viktor, and Leot discuss what to do with Leot’s hair; Anya, Kimberly, and Sam discuss Sam’s hair, while Josh, Anthony, and Ryan caucus about Ryan’s hair.

Viktor talks about his own background in menswear. He used to make clothes for himself and his friends. On that note, it’s time to go home for the night.

The following morning, Bert is horrified to discover that he’s running low on fabric. He has about a yard and a half left. Viktor is working on jeans. Bert had dyed his garments with navy dye, but for some reason, the fabric is about the same color as grape juice. Purple for a man is tough to pull off.

Tim comes in to make his rounds, with the Sheepdogs in tow. Tim decides to start with Team Harmony. More specifically, he starts with Laura, who has dyed a pair of pants. Tim and Leot agree they look more pink than red and urge her to make them darker. Leot also asks for a higher neckline on his tank-top, as he doesn’t want to show a lot of chest hair.

Anya is using panels and prints and Tim assures Sam that she is a master with the latter. Sam and Tim like her ideas so far. Anthony is also using prints and he shows Ryan some of his choices. Ryan chooses a print that looks like wood. Bert shows the flowing purple top and pants he’s made for Ewan and Tim tells him it looks much too feminine. Bert doesn’t make things any better when he calls the top a blouse.

Onto Team Untitled. Viktor is basing his look on what Leot’s already wearing, but says he wants to keep the “crispiness.” Um, you mean “crispness,” right? “Crispiness” is usually applied to food, not clothing. Tim worries the outfit will look cheap. Viktor also has ideas for a pleather jacket. Kimberly’s making brown corduroy pants and a plaid tunic for Sam, since brown is his favorite color. Anya has, for some unfathomable reason, given Kimberly some of her fabric. Sam likes Kimberly’s idea, but asks for a different pattern.

Josh has made pants with a massive zipper over the crotch. Tim notes that will draw people’s attention to that area. Josh doesn’t consider this a problem and he tells us he usually makes clothes for gay men. Olivier isn’t making the kinds of things that Ewan has asked for. Instead, he’s making clothes he thinks will make Ewan look better. One of his pieces is a long-sleeved, yellow shirt with a swan pattern. For a man. During the consultation, Olivier tells Ewan, “You’re big,” and then complains about the difference about the size difference between Ewan and the dress maker’s dummy. Tim isn’t sympathetic and basically repeats what Anya had said earlier: Designers have to get used to making things for people of different sizes– including stocky men who are over six feet tall. (Olivier may have worked with menswear before, but it’s obvious he’s never made something for someone who shops in the Big and Tall department.)

After Tim and the Sheepdogs leave, Bert dyes his clothes again, hoping to get them a color that’s a bit more masculine. Olivier complains about his client’s size again.

Tim brings the Sheepdogs back for their fittings. Leot comments that Bert’s clothes make Ewan look like he’s about to fight in the Coliseum. I suppose that means Bert’s clothes now look suitably masculine. Viktor predicts that Kimberly and Anya, who tend to make feminine, flowing clothes will nonetheless pull off menswear. (He may have a point. Even if they botch this challenge, neither one has been in the bottom, and most of the other designers have.) Speaking of Kimberly, she discovers she is going to have to recut her shirt. She tells us that menswear calls for a different set of skills. Tim then checks on Olivier, whose pants don’t fit Ewan all that well. Tim then gives him pointers on how to correct the fit.

After Tim leaves, Viktor begins sewing decorations onto his jacket. Kimberly tells us she would love a few more hours, while Anya can’t believe she’s so behind on a two-day challenge. With that, it’s time to head home for the night.

On the day of the runway show, the designers get back to work. Kimberly talks about how precise menswear is. Tim comes in and tells the designers there will be two firsts today: the designers will be sharing models, and the Sheepdogs will play two songs, one in each team’s outfits. Team Harmony’s looks will be shown first.