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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – Are you Ready to Rock?

Last week on Project Runway, the designers panicked when they thought they were going to have to make menswear. As it turned out, they actually had to make outfits for their male clients’ significant others. Josh won and Bryce was sent home. Also, there’s no more immunity.

The next morning, the designers discuss what the next challenge might be. Josh tells us you have to be tough to get through the competition, while Anya notes that it’s sad to see friends get sent home– but that’s inevitable since it’s a competition. Olivier is feeling unconfident. He’s also sick of landing in the middle. Usually, when somebody is shown making that kind of comment, they either win the challenge or get sent home.

On the runway, Heidi tells the designers, “Image is everything.” With that cryptic comment, she sends them to meet Tim, who is waiting for them at a music hall. Upon hearing their destination, Anthony guesses they will be designing something inspired by pictures of old rock stars.

When they get there, Tim begins by telling them about the link between music and fashion. He then introduces Peter Butler, the stylist from Garnier. Tim then talks about the Sheepdogs, an up-and-coming rock band who will be featured in Rolling Stone magazine. The designers will have to design outfits for the band members. The winner’s look will be featured in Garnier advertisements, Marie Claire, and Rolling Stone. The designers will have two days to complete the challenge.

Not only that, but this is a team challenge. Tim then pulls out the Ominous Velvet Bag of Unnecessary Drama and calls Olivier, Kimberly, Viktor, and Josh. They will all be on one team together. Anthony, Bert, Laura, and Anya form the other team. Laura tells us that she’s sick of being teamed with Bert: They’ve been on the same team three times already! Anthony notes that the last time he, Laura, and Bert were on a team together, it didn’t work out that well.

Tim then introduces the Sheepdogs– who turn out to be all guys. After last week’s fake-out, the designers will face a menswear challenge after all. Anya and Kimberly are both horrified by this development, as neither one has made menswear before. Josh notes that the fit and tailoring of menswear is typically more involved than that of women’s clothing. The band starts to play, and Olivier registers his displeasure by covering his ears.

Laura asks the band about what kind of image they want to project. Ewan, the big blond lead singer, tells her they’re inspired by classic rock, especially stuff from the 1970’s. Sam, the drummer, likes his dashiki, a kind of loose top that originated in West Africa. Anya’s excited by the prospect of trying to modernize Sam’s dashiki. Josh is intrigued by Ryan, the bass player, who is sporting snakeskin boots. The lead guitarist Leot asks for red jeans and Laura plans to fulfill his wishes. Olivier is feeling confident with this challenge because he has a background in menswear.

Tim then explains that while each team will make a collection, each designer is responsible for one singer. Cohesion isn’t a big deal this time, so long as the singers look as they’re all “from the same planet.” Viktor is relieved he won’t have to match his teammates’ looks.

The designers then pick their clients: Laura chooses Leot, Anya picks Sam, Anthony chooses Ryan, and Bert gets Ewan. They decide to call themselves Team Harmony. (Time will tell if that’s wishful thinking…) As for the other team, Kimberly picks Sam, while Viktor chooses Leot and decides to make a leather jacket for him. Olivier chooses Ewan and immediately decides to make something slimming for him, leaving Ryan for Josh, who is quite happy to get him. The second team will be called Team Untitled.

After that, the designers sketch. Team Harmony decides to concentrate on a vintage 70’s look for the Sheepdogs. After that, the designers go to Mood, which has everything but the red denim Laura wants. She decides to buy some pale denim and red dye. Anya can’t decide what to get and thus has nothing five minutes before it’s time to leave. She’s later shocked by what she ended up grabbing. Olivier has trouble finding the perfect shade of beige. Laura, to her horror, has gone way over budget, but Bert has enough to cover what she needs. She jokes that she takes back every bad thing she said about him.

Back at the workroom, Olivier complains that his client is significantly bigger than the mannequin. This makes it the second week that Olivier’s complained about a client’s size. Anya tells us that, in the real world, designers sometimes have to make garments for people who aren’t mannequin-sized.

Josh tells us that this challenge seems more like an individual challenge than a team challenge and he doubts there will be winning or losing teams. Viktor’s curious about what Olivier will do, but Anya finds his color scheme boring. (That makes two of us.)