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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 5 – How Can You Go Wrong With Funnel Cake?

Katzie, Megan and Rebecca’s team wins, and clearly Katzie is going to win based on the earlier input. And she does. Elvis says they all made ice cream truck food and elevated it.

The other teams come in as the losers. Macho is safe with immunity and is called out on it. Dann likes her healthy thoughts, but it was not as refreshing as intended. Elvis wonders how she spent six hours doing this.

Carlos made a sugar bomb, and Gail called it the dessert equivalent of a log of foie gras. Rockman’s funnel cake was more a pretzel in consistency, not a good thing. Orlando didn’t understand why they were there, and had to get schooled on false advertising. Elvis suggested he use the root beer flavors in his water and milk. Hammer’s was refreshing, but not great (he is clearly safe). Dann wanted to lick the ice luge. Well, alrighty then. Matt’s strawberry idea gets hit hard.

Matt comes back and jokes to the winners that he is out, but it is really just the deliberation stage. Rockman’s shaky leg foreshadows her demise and she sadly goes home.

Quickfire Hits
• Does Katzie sprawl out on her countertops at home? That doesn’t seem like appropriate kitchen behavior.
• Katzie – “I don’t want to be a bitch, but don’t mess with my desserts.” Perhaps the toughest way to say something not tough. That’s like saying, “I’ll cut you if you wash my delicates in hot water.”
• How hysterical was it when Katzie mentioned L&B Spumoni Gardens has her inspiration to make spumoni, only to learn that the proprietors are really close friends with Elvis? HA! Talk about pressure!
• More from Katzie, who was a gold mine of entertainment this week, in that after the stink she raised (rightfully) over the ice cream machines, she would up having her sorbet overflow. With Elvis in the room. Heh.
• Macho called Katzie a “hot mess.” I am officially calling for a moratorium on the term “hot mess.”
• Macho has a lesbian crush on Rockman. Word, Macho, word.
• Chefs seem to have been given toys – water guns a bubbles – and I wonder if they could have requested a Snoopy Snow Cone machine.
• Rebecca calls out Macho on her use of the word “sacrificing.” It is not sacrificing yourself for the team when you have immunity, it would be if you didn’t.
• If Carlos’ constant use of cereal in his desserts wasn’t an indictment of the cereal industry, I don’t know what is.
• Extra Scene – Rockman in her bikini. Nice. Also, the chefs get to play in the water park and Katzie’s shorts fall off on the water slide.

Next week – The Beastie Boys?!? Desserts made out of beans and ravioli?!? Beer ice cream?!? That could be interesting….

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