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The Finale Is Coming, The Finale is Coming

The producers have expressed concern over the talent of Melisande and Jared’s emotional stability. They also don’t know if Mae or Mark are right for the parts. They had such a row last week that the producer, the director and casting agent Victoria Burrows, couldn’t agree on who to let go, so they kept ’em all. UGH!

Anway, Jared is his own worst enemy. He is certainly fighting with his ego and almost everyone in the house, except for Melisande, who is falling head over heels for him. One problem! Jared still has a girlfriend at home.

This week, Jared and Melisande got to go out on a [b]Hollywood Style[/b] date. Jared won the challenge. He stayed up on the high-bar the longest.

They were like two teens going to the prom. Of course, Melisande doesn’t want to be the ‘other woman’ so she asked Jared to break it down for her the next day, before the screen test.

Jared doesn’t want to lose his girlfriend at home or his action on the side so he was democratic, diplomatic and full of …. well, you can fill in the blank, right?

Anyway, the screen tests went well. Almost everyone was pleased with their work. Again, the producer, the director and the casting agent had trouble agreeing on who was worse. Jared, Melisande, Mae and Mark were all in trouble again. In the end, the ‘golden couple’ of Jared and Melisande got to stay.

On Wednesday…the finales are here. We’ll know which man and which woman will be the [b]Next Action Star[/b].

Jared, Sean and John will slug it out for the male slot; while Corinne, Jeanne and Melisande will have to put up their best performances or go home losers.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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