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The Amazing Race, Sept. 25 – Color Me Stupid

Kaylani and Lisa find their next clue, and one of them has to bungee jump into the middle of the mall. Kaylani had a problem on a previous time she bungeed. Her harness started to come undone. And with those few words, I realize my fears were realized for someone else. That is what keeps me from ever, ever being on this show – the fear that the harness would come undone during a bungee jump combined with a fear of freefalling. Don’t tell Tom Petty. Kaylani does this one anyway. She says after she’d do anything for a million dollars.

Liz gets the proverb wrong again. I only know now which one she is because her partner just called her by name. She gets it wrong again and again as Marie gets really upset with her.

Ernie and Cindy come running into the pit stop and are pronounced team number one. Phil has good news for them; as the winners of this leg, they have won the Express Pass. They get no other big prize. Ernie notes now that control freak Cindy on the Race is a pretty good teammate. She replies that should have been obvious, and she hopes it extends even further for them in the Race. Jeremy and Sandy are team number two, and Justin and Jennifer team number three.

Andy and Tommy reach the dragon boats, as do Laurence and Zac. Ethan and Jenna finish, and Marcus and Amani are arriving. Arriving for him almost feels like running through the tunnel at the football game. Laurence used to be a coxswain for the coastal force in England, so for him, the dragon boat racing is great.

Andy and Tommy finish, followed by Laurence and Zac and Amani and Marcus. Bill and Cathi finally find the electronic sign and make their way to the temple. Liz is getting the proverb wrong once again. Marie loses patience with her, as Liz complains she’s going to break down, so wants her to quit talking. She finally gets it right, and they leave for the dragon boats.

Bill and Cathi arrive with him telling her she can play telephone. Ron and the other Bill are just arriving at the dragon boats, just ahead of Kaylani and Lisa. Bill talks about the importance of partners supporting themselves, and says Cathi is very driven. Proving his point, she gets this one right on the first try. I think this monk is relieved to be done listening to this line.

Ethan and Jenna arrive on Phil’s mat to be named team number four. Ron and Bill finish the dragon boats, as do Kaylani and Lisa. They make their way to the pit stop. Amani and Marcus arrive at the pit stop to be named team number five. Liz and Marie arrive at the dragon boats, with Liz rowing the boat, and Marie beating the drums.

Laurence/Zac and Andy/Tommy arrive at the pit stop to be named teams six and seven respectively. Liz and Marie finish their dragon boat race, and Ron and Bill arrive on Phil’s mat to be team number eight. Kaylani and Lisa are team number nine. They explain they thought it was over, but this is why they call it The Amazing Race. Liz and Marie are team number ten, and so happy to not be last.

Bill and Cathi race the dragon boat as she says it’s beautiful out there. They have had a wonderful time with some frustration, but feel good about the race they ran. She notes on the dragon boat it was the most fun she had all day. On Phil’s mat they are named the last to arrive, but it’s a non-elimination leg, so they are still alive. They will have a speed bump to complete on the next leg. However, for the first time ever, there will be a double elimination leg, meaning two teams will be eliminated next week. She knows they’ll need some ginseng to get the energy up for that one.

It was an interesting first leg of the Race. So far, there aren’t any villains. It’s a fairly likable cast. Perhaps we just haven’t given it enough time yet. Maybe there’s still time for a team to become really hated. With a double elimination leg coming up, it surely gives them the extra heat to start letting their true personalities come out. I suspect we’ll have a villain or two before the end of that leg.

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