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The Amazing Race, Sept. 25 – Color Me Stupid

Jennifer sees yellow and orange balloons on the electronic billboard and wonders if that means anything. Ron and Bill see them, along with Amani and Marcu, looking up and taking notes, and realize they must have seen something. Jennifer asks a local what the sign said after she had copied it down, and is told the Confucius Temple. Ernie and Cindy are copying down the billboard, as she hopes seven years of Chinese school will be good for something. They, along with Jeremy and Sandy, get the same information about the Temple.

The second bus arrives and one of the them sees the red and yellow balloons on the screen, but is told by her another in the group that couldn’t possibly mean anything. Bill and Cathi’s bus arrives as well, but they aren’t finding anything. Ethan and Jenna get the clue and take off. Andy and Tommy haven’t seen anything of note on the screen yet.

Amani/Marcus, Justin/Jennifer, and Jeremy/Sandy arrive on a train. and run to the Confucius Temple. They get their next clue and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will dial a number, hear a Confucius proverb, and without taking notes, recite it word for word to a monk. The females on the teams have decided they will do this challenge, with Marcus figuring it’s because they all like telephones. Or maybe it’s just because it’s not a physical challenge, and they’re choosing that while they can.

The first three on the Roadblock have trouble finding the phone, though. Ernie and Cindy arrive, and she knows how to ask for the phone in Chinese, but she’s asking a monk. Ron and Bill arrive, with Ron deciding he will do it. Ethan and Jenna arrive, and she tells him he should do the Roadblock.

Cindy is the first to find the payphone. “In all things success depends on previous preparation, and without such previous preparation there is sure to be failure.” She runs to the monk, but misses a few words and has to go back and re-listen.

Andy/Tommy and Laurence/Zac get the billboard translated, as LizMarie and Kaylani/Lisa are still wandering the streets of Taiwan looking for the sign. Bill and Cathi can’t find the clue either. He was a schoolteacher for thirty years and she was the principal of two high schools. He finds it to be embarrassing that they can’t figure this one out.

The others have started to figure out where the phone is. Jennifer tries repeating the proverb and gets it wrong, and Cindy tries it a second time and still gets wrong. Amani gets it wrong, and Ethan and Sandy do as well. Amani gets it wrong a second time, as does Ron. The third time is the charm for Cindy. She gets the next clue which tells her and Ernie to travel by taxi to Dajia Riverside Park to look for their next clue under the bridge.

Jennifer finally gets it right, as Andy and Tommy and Laurence and Zac are just arriving. Andy and Tommy do rock, paper, scissors to figure out who’s doing it, and it falls to Andy. Sandy gets the proverb correct, and LizMarie and Kaylani and Lisa finally find the clue on the electronic billboard. Bill and Cathi are inside a building to look for the sign. She can’t believe how hard this is, as he says, “Color Me Stupid.” She notes they’ve done a lot of problem solving, and aren’t ones to be defeated, so will keep going.

Andy gets the proverb wrong, as does Zac. Ethan finally gets it right. Ernie and Cindy find the next clue and are told to join and Dragon Boat team on a race. After they complete a course, they will get the next clue. He rows, while she keeps the beat on a drum, saying, ” I feel so Asian now.”

Amani gets the proverb right, as do Zach, Ron, and Andy. LizMarie and Kaylani and Lisa arrive, with LizMarie and Lisa playing the telephone game. Justin and Jennifer arrive at the dragon boats as do Jeremy and Sandy. Ernie and Cindy finish their dragon boat race and receive a clue telling them to make their way to the first pit stop, the Martyrs’ Shrine. Jeremy/Sandy and Justin/Jennifer finish shortly after.

LizMarie tries an attempt at the proverb and is wrong. Lisa tries it and is correct. However, they now have to complete their Hazard Penalty. They have to travel by taxi to the Core City Pacific Mall and search the eleven floors for their next clue. LizMarie gets the proverb wrong again. Bill and Cathi are still searching for the billboard, and have been for the past four hours.


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