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The Amazing Race, Sept. 25 – Color Me Stupid

The teams rush over to the umbrellas and start grabbling. Everyone is told they have the wrong letters. The first to get the correct letters are Andy and Tommy, netting them a key. Amani and Marcus are the next to get it correct. Once Andy and Tommy get into the Explorer, they see a video message from Phil. They are told they can only take one of two flights. The first eight teams will travel with China Airlines, and the remaining teams with a different airline, departing twenty minutes later.

LizMarie get the correct letters, followed by Ethan and Jenna. Jeremy and Sandy eventually get it right, as do Ernie and Cindy. Ron and Bill think they have it and do, as do Bill and Cathi and Laurence and Zac. Andy and Tommy stop to ask at a gas station where the airport is. Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m going on The Amazing Race, I’d be checking for all the major airports and familiarizing myself with them. If they’re telling me to travel to L.A. to start the show, I’m going to know that place backwards and forwards.

Justin and Jennifer get the correct umbrellas, followed by Kaylani and Lisa, as the last team to complete the challenge. This means they garnered the Hazard penalty. They, too, stop and ask directions at a gas station. Not only do they have to complete the Hazard, but they have also left one of their passports behind on the ground at the gas station after it fell out of the Explorer.

Ron and Bill are the first to arrive at the China Airlines ticket counter, followed by Ethan and Jenna. Kaylani realizes she doesn’t have her passport, and she’s worrying it fell out at the gas station. She announces she is “seriously going to vomit all over the place.” I’m not sure that will help. Ernie and Cindy also get on the China Air flight. Kaylani and Lisa return to the gas station and ask about the passport, but no one has turned it in. They decide to head to the airport anyway, hoping that one of the other teams picked it up. That doesn’t seem to be the best decision.

Amani and Marcus get tickets on the China Air flight, as do Laurence and Zac and Justin and Jennifer. Kaylani and Lisa are on the airport shuttle still worrying about Kaylani’s passport. Andy and Tommy get tickets on the China Air flight, and Jeremy and Sandy get the last set of tickets of the first flight.

Kaylani and Lisa arrive at the China Air flight asking if someone turned in a passport. Hearing no, they decide it’s over. Kaylani gets mad at Lisa, saying they need to come up with a plan. Lisa asks, “What plan? You have no passport!” This starts an argument about communication. Really? Like lack of communication is your most pressing problem at the moment?

Ethan and Jenna have decided not to tell anyone they were on Survivor before, but that’s kind of a stupid plan. If you’re on The Amazing Race, you’re a reality TV fan, and if you are and have ever watched Survivor, you know who they are. Sure enough, Sandy mentions it to the other racers, and Jennifer says she knew it. LizMarie are there to hear this as well.

The Fickle Finger of Fate Award hits Kaylani and Lisa. Someone found the missing passport and brought it to the airport. What makes you find that at a gas station and bring it to the airport? It turns out the guys who picked it up were the ones that gave directions to Andy and Tommy. He (#RyanStorms) tweeted about it, and someone answered that, saying that they had no cell phones or anything and wouldn’t have any other way of getting it back. Kaylani and Lisa run through the airport with a new zeal for life after posing for pictures with the two guys that picked it up.

When they teams arrive in TaiPei, they’ll take a bus to the Ximending Commercial District. Once there, instead of looking for a clue box, they’ll need to look up and realize their clue is on an electronic billboard.

The first flight lands, and the teams all get on the the same bus. Cindy asks Marcus if he’s a football player. He explains he used to do a little “round balling,” and that he does do a little protecting of famous people. Another person hiding who he really is. He doesn’t think he’s necessarily lying, because he isn’t presently a football player, and he protected Manning, who is famous. I think he’ll be more successful than Ethan and Jenna at hiding who he is. The second flight arrives, and Bill and Cathi miss the bus with everyone else.

The first bus arrives in the Commercial District, and the racers aren’t sure what they’re looking for. Everything has the familiar yellow and red colors that typically signify The Amazing Race, including the construction workers’ outfits. Andy and Tommy ask a guy who is taking out the garbage if he has a clue. Ethan and Jenna stand in the middle of the Square trying to figure out what they’re missing. Justin and Jennifer argue about how to find a sign. He calls it exhausting to go through the challenges as well as fight through their relationship.


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