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Paranormal Challenge, September 16 –Jerome Grand Hotel

Krystal states she feels like crying. It really is a sad situation. You are thrown into this Hotel and Old Hospital where there is so much death; it is a wonder you can even breathe or function. Zak is about to ring the siren, despite the fact that both teams are very involved in their investigation. They both seem as if they would have liked to have more time. Meanwhile, Gerson quickly announces he is being felt up, because really it is not a true episode of Paranormal Challenge without a team member being felt up.

Gerson advises the spirit not to stop (Get a girlfriend, Dude, and you won’t have to rely on spirits). In Room 27B, the teams begin to exit as Zak rings the siren fiercely. The teams display actual disappointment, something I have never seen them do on the show before. Normally they seem relieved or happy to be out of there, but these two teams seemed as if they could have went on for another several hours.

The teams must lock up their equipment and evidence and vacate the premises for the night and return in the morning, hopefully with some great evidence. They do return in the morning, and with some help from Zak’s tech man Billy, they all begin to go over their evidence. It is judgment time, Zak announces with pure excitement. Krystal begins to present their audio evidence, and it is bilingual which is cool. They pick up “poquito” which means “a little bit,” and also Krystal got a response when she asked the ghost to hold her hand. It said, “I will touch you.” Dave is a little skeptical, he hears something different. It is always hard to say what is being said.

Dave does not hear this, and they decide to move on to visual evidence. Krystal explains that they caught two pieces of evidence. In Michael’s Room, while Krystal was speaking with him and showing empathy and emotion, the MEL meter was going off at full force. She then felt the sadness and overwhelming feeling. She seems very genuine, as does her team. Patrick, Chris and Zak are not sure about their next piece; it is disregarded.

Now team SAGAPS comes in and begin to introduce their evidence. They have an EVP audio and believe it says “My head hurts.” Wow, so does mine; I know how the ghost feels. A rather interesting piece of evidence sounds like “Open the brain.” Zak asks Hector if it is him speaking, and he says NO many times, but we later find out it is indeed him speaking during a session. Their visual evidence comes from Room 25, in which they mainly captured Chris’ shocked look during the time he heard a noise. Not really that captivating!

SAGAPS also presents the temperature change, in which a face appears. The thermal cameras can pick up images and do come out as blue or some type of blue. Dave explains your body heat can also cause this, so you have to be very careful. They basically discredit the visual evidence. It was definitely a freaky episode, with lots of things captured and much to be decided.

The judges, Chief Judge, Dave Schrader, Chris Fleming and Patrick Burns, deliberate. With history, they all decide that SAGAPS did very well, while Gerson messed up the history for his team. What a conundrum. Technology found the judges split on this one. Living Proof utilized their equipment, and SAGAPS was only so-so. Zak still believes it was Hector saying “open the brain” and proves it later. Living Proof wins at audio, but there was too much “matrixing” for visual evidence, leaving nothing of interest.

It was a very tight decision, but the winner of this week’s Paranormal Challenge is Living Proof of the Paranormal Society. Congratulations to them for doing so well. As for SAGAPS, Zak did reference Hector and how he was caught on camera saying “open the brain.” He recognizes the mistake and advises them he would like to have them on a future episode. Let’s hope there will be a season two so they can do that!

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