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Paranormal Challenge, September 16 –Jerome Grand Hotel

In Zone Two on the third floor Krystal hears a strange rumble. She lies on the floor and begins using the camera to see if she can capture any evidence. Guest judge and medium Chris Fleming advises Zak that he hears something. What he believes he hears is a gurney rolling around. Of course that is what you would hear in a hospital. Krystal stays with the sounds by keeping the same shocked look on her face, but they do wind up capturing some interesting evidence.

Living Proof members announce that they are getting chills and hearing a snapping sound. They ask the spirits to continue making the snapping sound. Meanwhile, SAGAPS member Laura catches a door moving, but it is disregarded when they discover an open window, but wait for it … something is trying to turn on the television in the same room. The spirits are so excited they are trying to use another electronic device to communicate. Zak informs the viewers of this information.

Maybe the spirits wanted to watch television. Maybe “Poltergeist” was on (Just saying!). SAGAPS now gets thirty minutes to investigate with Chris Fleming and the infamous spirit box, in which spirits can communicate with the investigators. You do have to be careful, though, not to pick up other radio channels. The spirits are using audio bits, and SAGAPS captures the following words and phrases: “Ask,” “listen,” and “big time.” Chris’ excitement over this is quite a relief.

SAGAPS and Chris suddenly hear a huge rattle or scratching sound. It is hard to decipher what it is. The look of surprise and shock on Chris’ face is a giveaway that it is something fascinating. He advises team SAGAPS to continue to ask questions and stay involved during the spirit box session. They now pick up the following: “This is my home” and “I ain’t no wrong.” Chris decides it is “slang and how people spoke during the 1800’s.” Oh dear, that is all!

Chris also helps the team capture more than that, and Zak goes siren crazy on poor Dave’s ears. The teams immediately switch zones; there are no quick meetings or debriefings with Zak and Dave. They are going full force into part two of the investigation to determine which team has got the skills to win Paranormal Challenge.

Gerson is now preparing to go into Room 32 for thirty minutes by himself (ooohhh scary!) with the doors and windows barricaded and no light sources at all. The door is blocked with a bookshelf, and the windows are blocked from the outside. Are they trying to say that Chris Angel could not get in the room or maybe David Copperfield could not get out of the room? It is a mystery. Gerson feels something pressing on his arm and he is alone, barricaded in a room.

Chris Fleming is now making his way to do a spirit box session with Living Proof and advises them to listen very carefully and closely to the spirit box. They capture the following: “a friend,” “I’m still here,” “sex” (Really, the ghost is doing this? Is it a succubus?), “We’re bored” (Zak cleverly decides that the ghosts are bored because they are not having sex.) and “I’ll touch you! I will.” That is yet another phrase they capture.

Chris points out to the team that they are now hearing a DVP or a direct voice phenomenon, and at the same time the camera goes sort of crazy and out of focus. Chris makes another shocking face expression. He was “reacting” as well; you could see the goosebumps and the hair on his arm standing up.

SAGAPS is in the OLD Hospital, and the temperature begins to change. The room feels different according to Laura. The MEL Meter is also going off, and they hear what sounds like a crazy grunt, but is considered an unknown sound in the Jerome Hotel (Remind me not to go here on vacation). Although, the hotel is pretty cool.

Krystal is now doing a little bit of provoking, she is known for it, but only did a small amount. It seems useless to try and provoke tortured souls in any kind of mean or demanding way. They have already gone through so much and may feel they are being demeaned and tormented, so it is best to leave them be. She does a good job and is not extremely pushy or harsh. She keeps her session with the very depressed Michael who killed himself very calm, being sympathetic and kind.


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