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Paranormal Challenge, September 16 –Jerome Grand Hotel

Tonight’s episode of “Paranormal Challenge” finds the teams in Jerome, Arizona, at the Jerome Grand Hotel. This beautifully haunted location began its construction in 1926. Historian Chris Attherr explain it started out as the United Verde Hospital and opened January of 1927. It was considered the most equipped hospital in Arizona in 1930. The hospital closed down in 1950. The majestic building was left unused for forty four years. Rehabilitation plans for the building began in 1994. The structure is one of the highest locations in Verde Valley, standing at 5,240 feet. When you look at the building, it looks like a villa that would be in Italy; it is breathtaking.

The Jerome Hotel opened its doors in 1997 and has been called one of the most haunted locations ever. It reminds you slightly of the Stanley hotel, the infamous hotel where “The Shining” was filmed if it was in a warmer climate with brighter colors. It has that same sort of feel that draws you in and makes you want to visit. The hotel is fully active and has become a stomping ground for amateur paranormal investigators. Ironically, one of the locations near the hotel is called The Spirit Room. It features live music, as if there were not enough spirits lurking around.

Jerome, Arizona was also a big mining town and earned the nickname “the wickedest town in the West.” It will be the last stop for Season 1 of “Paranormal Challenge” as it plans to go out with Zak’s usual level of paranormal craziness. The Jerome Grand Hotel is located right in the middle of one of the largest ghost towns in America. The excessive energy and the fact that it was originally a hospital opens additional haunted doors. It is considered an overly active location.

The teams featured tonight are lead investigator Krystal, second investigator Gerson and equipment tech Aaron of Living Proof of The Paranormal (that is an interesting name!) and lead investigator Hector, second investigator Laura and their equipment tech Jim of Southern Arizona Ghost and Paranormal Society also known as (SAGAPS). The two teams will add a bit of excitement, and we shall see how they handle the intensity of this massive hotel.

The teams prepare to track down the spirits that call this Wild West town their home. The two teams are indeed opposites, as Zak is quick to point out that Krystal’s style is provoking and SAGAPS are the skeptics. Krystal starts off by offering her favorite quote: “Some people can dance; some people can sing. I just happen to be able to communicate with the dead.” Shakespeare is frowning somewhere. SAGAPS starts off by offering that they are indeed more critical when it comes to collecting evidence.

One of the rooms the teams will be investigating is the basement, in which a man by the name of Claude Harvey was working on the elevator, and the elevator fell and killed him. An outline of his body lies where they claim he was found. Room 32 on the third floor will be investigated as well. A paralyzed man wheeled himself to the balcony and somehow managed to get over the railing and fell to his death. Another man who shared the room was diagnosed as depressed and shot himself in the room.

Room 37B will be investigated as well. It was the room of a 24-year-old woman who went to her window one night, and opened it, and jumped 30 feet. She lived for six hours, then died. Lonnie Anderson, Zak’s cohort from Ghost Adventures, explains the OLD Hospital was another very active location. A door would open and then slam, with no wind to help it do so.

Michael’s Room is also being being investigated. Michael was very depressed and had also shot himself. The Morgue will be investigated as well. It was stacked with bodies around 1918 when the plague set in. The Operating Room on the third floor was full of gruesome mining accidents including amputations and all the horrific things you could imagine.

The teams are provided with equipment, and this week they are asked to pick a name out of a hat. The two members of the team chosen will spend thirty minutes in the most haunted room in the building with no light sources and the room be barricaded shut (Oh No!). Zone One is the Jerome Hotel, and Zone Two is the OLD Hospital.

The teams are enthusiastic and off to a good start. They are both given one cameraman and one audio tech. SAGAPS are in the OLD Hospital, while Krystal leads her team into the Jerome Hotel. SAGAPS member Jim immediately heads to the basement alone looking for Claude Harvey. He peers into the elevator. Zak is upset, but Dave commends Jim for being “brave.” Why not go into the elevator shaft where the elevator fell and killed a man! It is always a good idea. Don’t try it at home folks.


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