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Q and A with Producer Mark Lewis of Syfy’s “Paranormal Witness

Mark likes the broad range of topics they can touch on, and likely it is because the show airs on the Syfy channel. There is a roller coaster of shocking moments. There are tearjerkers and some that just kind of take you way out there like the notorious Bigfoot spotting in Oregon. There is definitely a mixture of paranormal craziness going on, and Lewis is happy to keep it coming.

The shows also appear tricky, because on the first episode when many people thought the little girl was speaking to another little girl named Emily, it turned out to be a male poltergeist trying to cause possible harm to the little girl. Lewis discovered it was indeed a “spirit masker.” You cannot script something of that nature; it happened to them and was their life story.

Mark believes there is a lot in the world that is unexplained, so creating a series for it seemed natural. So many different feelings surface including denial and how can this possibly be true? He believes these stories are amazing stories that come with challenges. He feels that it must be taken very seriously, and the filmmakers tread with caution. Some of it is very sensitive and there is no telling where these stories will go. He feels it is good for them to share these stories and encourages it. He has not had any paranormal issues so far while filming the episodes, but did mention the House in Mansfield where some very fascinating things happened while filming, including paintings that would fall off the walls.

Mark is interested in possibly doing some international stories as he has already been informed of some outrageous occurrences that have happened overseas. He believes the internet has had a huge effect with people being able to research more information. Films such as “Paranormal Activity” have also piqued many people’s interest in paranormal as well horror/science-fiction.

He believes that the paranormal community will tune into the show and hopes for the horror/science-fiction genre of fans to also tune in. He wants it to appeal to a wide variety of people, just as he interviews a wide variety of people for the show. He wants to keep it as broad as possible. If he can get those fans to watch, he believes he is doing a good job.

Mark remains a skeptic and constantly asks questions. He does not want to release just fluff; he wants everything to be credible and realistic. If you do watch the show, be prepared, there are some moments that do scare but that is what Lewis is aiming for. He is hopeful that they will receive a second and third season. He is keeping his fingers crossed and the ghosts probably are as well.

These stories come from all across the United States and from all walks of lives. Lewis has managed to help create a very unique show for the Syfy channel. Make sure to watch Paranormal Witness on Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

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