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Paranormal Witness, September 21 – A Poltergeist and Bigfoot

This is one angry poltergeist. You do have to remain skeptical. It had moved beyond anything it had ever done before. This poltergeist had tried to burn her home down, and her daughter was in the house. Jamie and Susan finally decided to move. The situation was driving a wedge between Matt and Susan; they had separated. After Jamie and Susan moved out, the next door neighbors moved out as well as some other neighbors.

Susan sadly went bankrupt and the house never sold. The family was free from the hell house and never experienced paranormal activity again. They are at peace now and free.

The second half of the show involved Jeff Boiler’s story. The events took place in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon in 1997. Jeff got a phone call from a friend who knew he was in the Marine Corps and a certified police officer; his elected Sheriff friend had asked him if he wanted to become a Deputy Sheriff. He jumped at the chance and finished his shift early. It was a beautiful clear day out. With beautiful mountains and hiking areas near, he began walking up a hill for about two hours.

It was taking Jeff a long time due to the terrain. Why? Why do these people go into the woods alone? Don’t do it folks! Jeff was taking a moment to look through his compass and spotted something that was clearly not a human being. (We love you Bigfoot, but why do you show up in such random places?) Was it a human being of a human monster, or maybe an animal?

It was a person standing upright and staring back at him, but it looked like a monster. Jeff stood there for a moment staring at this thing through his compass, then cocked his head to one side as this being mimicked him. Jeff’s instincts were to follow this unidentified creature. (Really, follow the strange creature through the woods?) Jeff not only followed the creature, but reached for his firearm, The creature made a run for it. (As they usually do!)

Jeff climbed into the trees and began trying to search for footprints or any type of tracks that would lead him to his mysterious creature. He continued walking and was really nervous. He did not have a flashlight and decided to take a different route. As he started to look to his left, he started hearing things. It was as loud as some guns when they go off. The snap was coming from his right.

This possible Bigfoot was circling him, and he heard a second snap. This is making for a bad prescription for an ambush. Jeff is being circled in the middle of the woods. This creature was tracking Jeff through the woods. What he had seen was big enough to snap him like he was snapping the trees. Jeff was in the Marine Corps and law enforcement, but was terrified. The snaps had begun to get closer to Jeff like a hunter who is tracking his prey. He did not know which way to run.

Jeff finally ran into a deer that did not have any fear of him, but the deer’s gaze darted towards the way Jeff was looking. The deer began to smell the air with her head up, and she bolted in the opposite direction faster than any deer had ever run off. So now it is BAMBI and Bigfoot! (Insert your own movie title folks!) Apparently this deer felt or saw something that terrified her as well.

Jeff began to hear snaps again and they were getting closer and closer. Jeff was on foot and convinced he was going to die in a bad way. He finally spotted his car, and when he got closer to the car, the snaps stopped.

Jeff believed the snaps stopped because the creature was right behind him ready to stomp on him. As I said before, stay out of the woods! Jeff finally got in his car, but it would not start, which is typical when you’re being chased by a possible Bigfoot. Of course your car isn’t going to start. He struggled with the car for a few minutes trying to start it while screaming at the car.

It finally started, and Jeff took off like a bat out of hell. He felt relief, and the first thing he wanted to do was have a cigarette, because that is what happens when unidentified creatures chase you through the woods. Jeff only told the Sheriff he worked for and never filed a report or told anyone else about it until now on “Paranormal Witness.” He did not think anyone would believe him, even though the Sheriff did believe him since they get reports of big hairy animals up there all the time. Jeff followed the Sheriff’s advice and did not talk about it to anyone.

In Oregon there have been 224 reports of unidentified creatures in the past decade. What he saw was physical and it was a living being. Living beings must multiply. Jeff said he is never going back in the Cascade Mountains.

Could there really be a real life Bigfoot? Well folks, don’t depend on me to go out and verify this information. This episode was incredibly alive and it definitely goes to show that there are entities in the world that are beyond our knowledge. Whether we want to believe or not, keeping an open mind feels like the best thing to do. Whatever may be out there with us, just remember stay out the woods and make sure to watch next week’s all new exciting episode of “Paranormal Witness,” Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.

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