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Paranormal Witness, September 21 – A Poltergeist and Bigfoot

The house was a mess again, and there were footprints left that Jamie did not think looked human. They were huge brown toes, and whatever these footprints belonged, to was in the house with them. Susan tried to continue on through tears. She was going through a lot of stress and she just wanted to leave. She was struggling trying to keep a job and had her home attacked on a daily basis. Whatever was in the house was not attacking her animals. She had to continue working to be able to make her house payments.

Susan’s cats were very loving, and one after the other, they got very sick, making Jamie incredibly sad. Susan and Jamie believed the cat deaths were due to the poltergeist in the house. Susan believed it had the capability to take a life if it was killing off their cats.

While Susan was at work, Jamie had to run an errand, leaving Marie home alone. The poltergeist began turning the television on and off and rapidly turning the lights on and off. Marie began screaming stop. She called Susan and told her the furniture was moving across the room. Jamie came home and tried to unlock the door, but it would not open. Marie took her digital camera and began taking pictures to light up the room with the flash, but the photos that appeared were otherworldly and not normal at all.

This house was becoming the house from hell. It makes you wonder which one of them this supernatural force is attached to. Their so-called safe haven was no longer safe at all. Just when you think all that could possibly happens could happen, it got worse. Marie was attacked by a supernatural force and caught some bizarre light energy photos. This supernatural force had not only attacked Marie, but it literally rearranged the family living room.

There is no way to describe what Jamie was feeling. Matt just finally realized how bad it was and that something had attacked his daughter. It began to affect their lives emotionally, as he was incredibly worried. He got the phonebook out and called churches. The first couple of churches offered no help. Matt was not interviewed during the show, but in the reenactments and during Susan’s interview, it came out that Matt did finally get ahold of a pastor that was willing to come out to the house.

The news that a pastor was coming brought some relief. The pastor arrived, and Jamie felt embarrassed because the house was a mess from all the activity. The pastor explained there was spiritual warfare going on there. There was nothing he could do, so he left. Susan felt abandoned. She was now on her own with her family and the ticking time bomb that was this insane house.

Jamie came up with a plan and thought the only way to resolve the problem was to move out, as her family was breaking down. Susan and Matt were now fighting daily, and their relationship was falling apart. Jamie recalled the stress and intensity. She said it was hard to relive all of this.

Jamie stayed in her bedroom most of the time. She felt it was only place where she had a protection barrier. The barrier did not last long. Jamie was very afraid to even leave her room. She documented the pounding that started on her bedroom door that was so loud she was frozen in fear.

It got to the point to where Jamie had to look in the hallway, and right before she opened the door, the pounding would stop. She would close the door, only for the pounding to start up again. It did stop eventually, and Jamie opened her door. There was a giant hole that looked like a battering ram had hit the door and the door knob was bent.

Jamie ventured out of her room, and whatever was outside her bedroom was trying to get in. She noticed the bathroom lights were not going on and off and the bathroom door did not have the door knob on it, so Jamie grabbed some kite string and tied it through the open doorknob. She tried to pull it shut and literally tied the door shut. She held on for dear life to this string, and whatever was in the bathroom was tugging at the door and pulling Jamie.

Jamie was screaming and dreaded what she would see. She had thought it would be something from her nightmares or a demon of some kind. Finally the poltergeist cut the rope and opened the door. Jamie knew it was going to get her, thinking there was nothing that could stop the evil force. She repeated her fearful words over and over again. The bathroom door had opened and there was nothing there; Jamie had just wanted to get out.

Jamie had an experience that would change her life forever when she smelled smoke and discovered a pan with a paper towel in it shaped to resemble a candle wick burning. She tried to escape and ran down the stairs where she discovered more horror (You would think these people would just RUN for their lives and leave!). Jamie stepped out in the hallway and made her way downstairs to discover the entire house strewn with toilet paper and paper towels, as if this evil poltergeist had set them up to kill them in the house. The toilet paper was wrapped around everything imaginable and Jamie knew she had to put out the fire. She began running through the house and trying to put the fire out. She was searching for anything that could catch fire, and ripped the toilet paper and paper towels down.


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