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Paranormal Witness, September 21 – A Poltergeist and Bigfoot


“Paranormal Witness” is Syfy’s new show based on true life stories that are told by the actual individuals who lived through these horrifying tales. On tonight’s episode a family suffers a traumatic haunting. This evil entity torments this house and its occupants so badly, they are forced out of their own home with a great deal of stress is put on them. In the second half of the episode, an Oregon man meets un unusual human monster in the woods and it’s not DEXTER!

“I never realized how difficult it would be to deal with something like this.” Those were Susan Lewis’ words as she began to describe her living nightmare.

Strange occurrences and random things tore the inside of this families home apart. They struggle to tell the story. Susan Lewis and her daughter Jamie let Susan’s new boyfriend Matt and his daughter Marie move into her California home in 2006, and that’s when the events began. Susan and Jamie bravely recall what happened during this intense time in their lives.

Susan loved her house; she said it was such a wonderful place to live. Jamie called it a sanctuary, the perfect place to live and the ultimate family home. Susan was in love with Matt, and Jamie had gained a sister she never had. The first strange thing that happened involved a jar of peanut butter that was lying on the counter. Susan thought the cats or the kids had made a mess.

Jamie wondered why her mother was asking her about melted messy peanut butter. The family began to find numerous things around the house lined up and arranged in a certain way and began to photograph and video tape the events. Susan suspected the kids and was not really convinced it was one hundred percent supernatural. Jamie begins to describe the first severe event that occurred. She had placed her coffee down and left the dog in the house. She turned around and there was coffee strewn all over her bed. She insisted it was Marie. She went through the options: no earthquake, she did not bump anything.

Jamie decided to clean her room, and when she grabbed her pillows off the bed and turned towards her door, the door was in a different position and a bottle of cleaning fluid was being dumped on her floor. She screamed for her Mom. When her Mom came up to her room, a small horse figurine flew off a shelf at the wall. Jamie and her mother instantly knew something was not right.

Susan was in shock and so was Jamie. Jamie’s entire shelf full of items was flying off the shelf at Susan, Jamie and Marie. The three made a run for it and got in the car. Jamie told her mother she believed there was a poltergeist in the house. That was nothing compared to what happened in the following months.

The house had become a mess and doors were banging constantly. Things would be twisted and out of order, and the walls were written on with strange debris. The food in the fridge was ruined on a daily basis. The reenactments were combined with real life photographs and video of what the house looked like. It was insane. At night all the lights would go off in the house, and ven though they would flick the switch to on, the lights would stay off.

Susan was not fully convinced that there was something in the house. Matt did not believe anything and began to accuse Jamie of doing the strange things for attention. Susan said one night she had spotted arrows drawn all over the walls with some of them pointed towards the heating duct leading up to the attic. Susan suggested to Matt that they should investigate.

He was not convinced and extremely skeptical. He wanted to rationalize it, but Susan wanted him to believe her. She knew something was in the house and playing with the family. Whatever it was it had wanted to cause them a lot of grief. The attic was dirty and messy and full of loose installation. Matt made his way up there. Susan remembers the tension and energy being so alive, so active and intense. Matt began to panic in the attic and Susan told him he needed to get out of the attic.

Matt still did not accept what was happening. Susan wanted to communicate with it and spoke with someone who advised her to “offer something to it,” sort of a peace offering. She made a place on the mantle to work as an alter for the poltergeist. Susan is a cat lover, so she found a small cat fairy figure. She placed the cat on the alter and said “The gift is for you.” She did not want whatever was in the house to let the spirit know that they mean no harm. Matt was very much against all of this, and that included giving it a gift. He told Susan she was talking to the Devil.

Matt grabbed the small figurine, as Susan had now risked their relationship, and tossed the small figurine out their back door shouting, “That is enough of that!” He was angry and turned around, as the cat figurine stared back at him on the table. He had just thrown it out the door, and it was now sitting on the table. Talk about making you think you are insane.

The cat figurine mysteriously reappeared, and Jamie told Matt he had better not smash the cat. She felt as if she was doomed after offering up a gift to try and calm the poltergeist. Things only got worse from there. Jamie found the word cat written all over the house. Susan said it had gone on a rampage.


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.