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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – What do Real Women Want?

Josh tells the judges that his client had asked for a “simple look.” Heidi praises him for not “bedazzling” the dress like he usually does. Malin likes the back, and Michael says the dress is beautifully made. The judges agree that the style of the dress could work in other colors besides black. Michael likes the blue stilettos Josh had chosen to accompany the dress.

Viktor’s client is an attorney and Viktor tells the judges that the husband had done such a good job of describing his wife and her tastes that it had made his job relatively easy. Michael liked the fact that Viktor had made separates while Malin liked the sheer top. Nina called the look charming. The judges did dock points for having too many accessories, including sunglasses and a clutch.

Then it’s the bottom designers’ turn to face the judges. They start with Bert, who had shown his client several possible looks that he’d sketched for her and let her choose the one she wanted. His client protests she doesn’t understand why Bert is in the bottom, since she loves the dress. Michael responds that while it’s well-made and a good fit, it is also too reminiscent of a store-bought dress. Nina adds she’d have liked a longer skirt, but the client argues she likes the length as it is. (Personally, I agree with the client: Bert shouldn’t be penalized for giving her what she wanted. Most people are not fashion experts, a fact that should be considered in a “real world” challenge.)

Bryce tells the judges that his client really wanted a pink dress. Nina thinks the dress has too many details: pockets, a belt, and the bands at the back. Malin and the client both like the pockets, but Malin points out how poorly the dress fits the client. Heidi thinks the pockets are too big and quips that she could stash her lunch in them. Michael notes that the tailoring is off; every seam is puckered.

Anthony tells the judges that his client wanted a retro look. Malin thinks it makes the client look like a cigarette girl or cheerleader Heidi thinks it lacks sex appeal and makes the client look old. Nina dislikes the fit, Michael thinks it looks like something a grandmother would wear. Heidi finds the look boring.

The judges then have their chat, and they start with the designers they didn’t like. Bert had used great fabric and pleased his client, but his look is boring. Bryce’s dress made his client look older than she was and the pockets were much too big. It also didn’t fit the client that well. did Anthony’s outfit looked like a cheerleader or school uniform — a bad look for a grown woman.

Onto the designers they did like. Josh did a good job of editing his look. He also made a dress that highlighted the woman’s body. Anya’s design was the “most runway” and boasted an unusual silhouette. The judges note she always has a strong point of view. Viktor had made separates and the judges really liked his color scheme.

The judges then announce their decision. Anya is in, while Josh is the winner. He does a hand-stand while going off stage and happily tells us that he’s thrilled to be the first designer with two wins under his belt. Viktor and Bert are in; Heidi tells Bert his garments tend to be too simple. Anthony and Bryce are the bottom two. Bryce’s dress did not fit the client, and Anthony’s dress was frumpy. Bryce is out, and Anthony is in.

Next week: Another team challenge. ARE YOU SERIOUS, LIFETIME?! We’ve had way too many team challenges this season. Not only are they blatant attempts to stir up drama, but they also make it much harder for the designers to express their personal styles. It also looks as if this one will be a menswear challenge, as their clients are members of a band.

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