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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – What do Real Women Want?

The following morning, the designers get back to work. Bryce wonders if he should use his now hot pink material for the whole dress, and Viktor says it now looks like Pepto Bismol, which is probably not what Bryce wanted to hear.

The couples come back for another fitting, and Bryce asks his couple if they really want a hot pink dress, and they tell him they want something pretty and bright. Well, the pink is certainly bright… Olivier is having problems with his clients — simply because they have opinions. He’s not used to working with actual clients.

Tim comes in to make his rounds, and he starts with Viktor. He is very pleased with Viktor’s outfit and says it suits the client perfectly. Anya is making a black and white dress inspired by the kimono. It has one long sleeve and Tim warns her to mind proportions. Bert tells Tim that his client wanted a “simple, modern, and unadorned” look. Tim asks the model– not her husband– how she feels about the depth of the cleavage. She assures him it’s fine. Olivier’s model loves the top that he’s made, but isn’t happy with the pants. Tim wonders out loud about the color scheme, which he thinks is reminiscent of crayons. Tim suggests that Olivier make the top in a different fabric, but warns him about time.

Tim thinks Laura’s look is “too Barbie,” much to her dismay. He unnerves Kimberly by staring at her garment without saying anything. He sees Anthony is using polka dots and admits he’s tempted to make a Minnie Mouse reference. Tim is pleased with Josh’s look and praises him for editing it. Bryce is still dithering about his pink dress and Tim urges him to stop second-guessing himself. Bryce decides to scrap the gray and pink dress he’d made and start over. After that, it’s time to go home.

The next morning is the day of the runway show, and the designers frantically get back to work. Tim sends in the couples for their last fitting and to have hair and makeup done. Many of the designers, including Kimberly and Olivier, are still sewing. Bryce’s client likes the new all-pink dress he’s just finished. Bert’s client decides to practice her strut. So does Olivier’s client — and she’s not happy when she feels her pants riding up. Anthony jokes that he’s waiting for the day when Olivier’s clothes fall off the model while on the runway. Most of the women go to have hair and make-up done, but Olivier isn’t finished with his look. Tim finally orders him to let the woman go to hair and make-up. After everybody has returned, Tim has a pleasant surprise for the women: They’ll be given jewelry by Piperlime. On a less pleasant note, it’s time to go to the runway. He orders Olivier and Kimberly to stop sewing immediately.

On the runway, Heidi introduces the judges, including this week’s guest judge, Malin Akerman, an actress. Would it kill Heidi or the producers to call in actual designers to be the guest judge? Wearing nice clothes doesn’t mean you’re a fashion expert. It just means you have the money to buy nice clothes.

Laura is first and sends down a draped, teal, one-shouldered gown. Anthony made a red knee-length skirt and a sleeveless black shirt with wide red trim around the collar. He then added a white belt. It’s a rather plain outfit, but the model looks happy to be wearing it. Bert sends down a sleeveless patterned black and silver mini-dress with a plunging neckline. His client looks quite happy to be wearing something that gives her husband a good view of her… assets.

Josh made a Little Black Dress. It’s sleeveless and knee-length. It has black lace trim around the neckline and down the back. The skirt has a translucent edge. The only source of color in the ensemble are the robin’s-egg blue shoes. Bryce made an ill-fitting and cheap-looking hot pink sleeveless dress with massive pockets in the front of the skirt. In the back is a squared-off cut-out area exposing the model’s back. He added a thin black belt.

Kimberly made a patterned black miniskirt and a sleeveless purple top decorated with a poofy piece of fabric going across the front. It looks a bit like some of the shoulder pieces Chris March used to make in Season 4. Olivier sends down a pair of dark blue capris and an asymmetrical, one-shouldered, sleeveless ivory top.

Anya made an asymmetrical kimono with one shoulder and one sleeve. The patterned, black and white dress is short on one side and long on the other. It also has a black and gold sash. Viktor sends down a knee-length grey skirt with a wide band of gold fabric decorating the bottom. The model is also wearing a dark blue short-sleeved shirt that is translucent around the shoulders.

Heidi then calls Kimberly, Olivier, and Laura. She tells them that they’re safe and have gone on to the next round. As they go backstage, Laura complains that she’s disappointed to be merely safe; she wanted to be in the top three. The other six designers have the highest and lowest scores between them. Viktor, Anya, and Josh have the high scores, while Bert, Bryce, and Anthony have the lowest scores.

The judges start with Anya, who wanted to create a garment mixing Asian and African influences; her clients are an inter-racial couple. She also wanted something appropriate for a gallery opening. Heidi thinks it’s new and different, while Nina dislikes the one sleeve. The judges agree that the garment is sexy, but not to the point of vulgarity. Malin calls it “bold, but classy.”