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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – What do Real Women Want?

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to work in teams of five and make a cohesive collection. To the producers’ probable delight, but everyone else’s distress, Josh, Bert, and Becky all ended up on the same team. Josh was not happy– especially since the challenge specifically forbade the teams from having a leader. He drove his teammates nuts as a result. His team lost, and Becky was sent home. Anya won the challenge.

The following morning, Josh congratulates Bryce for making the top nine. Bryce apparently suspects Josh may be being sarcastic, as he tells us that he’s the only designer left who hasn’t won anything. Laura notes that she, Anya, and Kimberly are the last remaining women.

At the runway, Heidi tells the designers she wants to introduce them to their clients– and a group of men troop onto the stage. Anthony is horrified when he sees them, since he’s not used to making menswear. Similarly, Anya confesses that she has never made men’s clothing before, while Josh assures us that he has made menswear. Heidi then worsens everybody’s mood by telling them there will be no more immunities from now on. Winning the previous challenge no longer guarantees one’s safety.

On the other hand, since Anya had won the previous challenge, she gets first pick of the clients. She chooses Mike, who is slender. The other designers follow suit, choosing the slimmest men they can. Josh is an exception and picks the client who shares his name.

Back at the workroom, Tim surprises the designers by telling them that this is not really a menswear challenge after all. Instead, the designers are making outfits for the guys’ significant others. They will have two days to work on the looks. The designers now have thirty minutes to caucus with the men and learn about their wives or girlfriends.

Anya asks her client what his wife doesn’t like, which is probably a smart move, as it immediately helps her rule out stuff she should not make. She tells us that she’s noticed most men have trouble describing colors or styles. (I’d imagine styles would be especially difficult for somebody who wasn’t up on women’s fashion.)

Bert’s client, Anthony, seems to consider his wife’s breasts her best feature. He wants Bert to make something that would show them off. Josh’s client says his wife likes a simple look, to Josh’s dismay. Josh, as we’ve seen, likes to really decorate his clothing. Bryce’s client tells him that his wife’s favorite color is pink. Anthony’s client wants to replace a lost dress, and Olivier’s client, like Bert’s, wants something to show off his wife’s curves.

Then it’s off to Mood, and the clients accompany the designers to help them pick out fabrics. Anthony asks his client to look at prints. Olivier pulls Tim aside to ask him what a “Double-D” is, and Tim, plainly taken aback, explains that it’s a bra size.

Back at the workshop, Kimberly educates her client about the design process, by explaining how she uses colored tape on the dummy to mark style lines, which are either boundaries between two recognizable areas of fabric, or visible edges of fabric like necklines or hemlines. Bert’s client reminds him that he really wants to show off his wife’s cleavage. Olivier tells us that he’s not used to working with a client.

The wives and girlfriends then come in for their first fitting. Laura is relieved to see that her client’s wife is attractive. Bert shows his client’s wife several drawings of designs and invites her to pick the one she likes best. Josh tries to talk his client’s wife into letting him decorate the dress a little, but she says no. Bryce thinks the pink fabric he’s bought is ugly, but his client’s wife has her heart set on a pink dress.

When the designers break for lunch, Bryce decides he’ll try and dye the pink fabric to make it a more tolerable shade. He also tells us that he found dealing with his clients — an inter-racial couple, by the way — upsetting, because he could tell they were deeply in love with each other. Seeing them together and so obviously happy made him miss his own lover something fierce. The other designers can see Bryce is struggling, and they’re torn. They’d like to help, but this is a competition, and there are only nine of them left.