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Paranormal Witness, September 14 – Are We Alone Out There?

He approached the area where Deborah said she had seen the woman, got out of his police car and approached the woods. There was debris and a steep drop off the road. The deputy peered down the side and noticed a red car. It was Christine’s car, and the roof had been peeled off the top. It was obvious that there was a horrible accident, as the car was mangled. The deputy had found her sitting in the driver’s seat. She had died on impact. Her young son next to her, making it incredibly sad and emotional.

The deputy decided to check Christine’s son, and looking at his pupils, saw no reaction or change. He leaned in and noticed the boy’s chest moving with shallow breaths. It was amazing; this small child had survived five days with no food and no water. The deputy got on the radio and called for additional help. He was trying to keep the boy alert, and as help arrived, the deputy had to quickly make his way up the hill to prevent the family from seeing Christine in the state she was in.

The deputy told the family that Christine passed away but her son was alive. It was a truly unique story. The tears were flowing and the goosebumps did not go away. Christine’s father received the phone call that no parent wants to hear. He tearfully recalled what had happened and had to tell his wife this heartbreaking news. His vibrant 23-year-old daughter had passed away. The deputy believed the woman Deborah Hoyt saw was not Christine, because she had been dead for five days. Deborah mentioned without a shadow there was no telling if it was Christine trying to somehow send a message to get help for her son.

It makes you wonder. Christine had passed away on impact in the car. Dave went to see his grandson who was alive. He held him like a baby, with little Nick was reaching for his grandparents. Dave said his grandson was pale and skinny. He tried to be happy and grateful to just know that Nick was alive. Nick Skubish said it had been 17 years since the accident. He recalls what his memory of the accident was. He did not know what to think and saw the trees as they went down the hill. When they stopped, his mother was not moving.

He remembers seeing a bright light and a light behind the car that had a silhouette. It was a lit figure with an outline of a body, and he was not afraid of it. Two weeks later, Dave went to the crash site wanting to see if there was anything else that belonged to his daughter. Dave finally discovered what the 16 meant; it was mile marker 16 where Christine’s car went off the road. Nick believes that it was possibly an angel or he was in God’s hands. He knew something special had happened and that it was possibly his mother’s way of helping him and watching over him.

The deputy does not have any answers. Deborah was able to see it on the news; she believes it was Christine that she saw. It was at least her way of finding help for her son. If anything, it was a miracle, and Nick is alive because of what his mother did. If there are angels, his mother is his.

The second half of “Paranormal Witness” took us to Kentucky in 1993. Kenny Graham, a helicopter pilot, was working with the “new guy” who did not have experience, Kenny Downs. It was 10:30 or 11:30, and Graham got the call to go out and do the daily check points for the police. Downs joined him for this run with virtually nothing at all in the sky. They were doing a routine check, normal for them, but what would be coming towards them was not at all normal. They received a call that there was a burglary in process, and Graham flew the helicopter to the building with the officer was blinking his flashlight to guide them.

Graham and Downs were told over the radio it was a false alarm and decided to head back to the heli-port to take a break until their next run. Downs spotted an unusual light, an orange glowing light. Graham guided the helicopter and was hovering near what they thought would be a tower with a light on top, but it wasn’t. There was nothing there (insert “Twilight Zone” music, Uh-Oh) but a circled orange light. They hovered over a group of trees, and the light hovered exactly like the helicopter.

The two men saw it glowing as it went lower and began to form a pear shape. This object began a showdown of its own. This unidentified flying object was now staring down a helicopter. What exactly was it? They did not have answers. The glowing object began to go right and then left and then took off at warp speed. A police officer named Joe was nearby, and Graham and Downs radioed in, asking if anyone else could see this light. Joe responded, saying he saw the light, and tried to maneuver around the warehouse.

Graham and Joe were chasing this light and still had no answers. Neither did law enforcement. The three men, one on the ground, and two in a helicopter had no answers whatsoever. It definitely was strange. Was it a UFO? None of them could figure it out. If it was a UFO, it was only there for a few minutes. The men believe it was indeed an unidentified flying object, a real life UFO.

It was an emotional episode and then the wondering came about. The what if questions. Are we alone in the world? You decide and make sure to watch next week’s episode of “Paranormal Witness,” Wednesdays on the Syfy channel at 10/9c.

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