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Paranormal Witness, September 14 – Are We Alone Out There?

Syfy’s new series “Paranormal Witness” takes in the extremely unusual. Tonight’s episode takes us back to 1994, in Placerville, California, as a happy family goes through an intense tragedy, but amidst the tragedy there is a miracle. Dave Stauzenbach tears up at the thought of his daughter Christine Skubish. He begins to tell her story and how she had gotten a job as a paralegal in Southern California and getting ready to leave. He said she was very bubbly, bright and ambitious.

Christine told her parents she would call them when she arrived in Southern California, but never called. It was Wednesday, and her parents had not heard from her. They received a phone call from her office asking where she was, and they advised him she was supposed to arrive on Monday. It was now Wednesday. Her father called the hospital, the police and all the other necessary people. He was advised she did not meet the timeframe yet to be considered a missing person.

Former Deputy Rich Strasser received a call that he had a missing person on his hands. Strasser had thought it was just another routine missing person. The only information he had was that a mom and her son had gone missing on their move to California. Christine’s parents started their own search and began to hand out fliers and post them in any available spot they could possibly find. They explained the worst thing about a missing person is not knowing what happened to them. Dave and his family were now on a mission of their own.

Meanwhile, during the reenactments, there is darkness and flashes of the number 16, a little boy and light. Karen is Dave’s sister-in-law and Christine’s aunt. She has had premonitions before in her life and woke up from sleep in a panic after having a dream. Living in San Bernadino, she had no idea what was going on. She called Dave and told him about her dream and seeing Nick, the number 16 and a light. She could not see Christine. This part added a big goosebump effect.

Friday arrived and there was still no word from Christine or about her and her young son. This now made Christine and her son officially missing and a priority case. The deputy stopped at a gas station that Christine had previously stopped at, and the clerk remembered her. He remembered Christine saying she was tired and moving to California because she got a new job. Her son waited in the car and a camera image showed her car at the gas pump. The gas station attendant said she would be traveling on Highway 50 because she was going that way to visit a friend before making her move official. The deputy left the gas station and imagined every horrible scenario possible; she could have been kidnapped, killed or abducted. The deputy was thinking the worse.

Deborah Hoyt began to tell what would become a lifetime mystery turned miracle. She was out of town, and in the middle of the night she kept waking up and feeling rushed, as if something was telling her she needed to go home. She woke up several times during the night and finally woke up her husband. He wanted to wait until the morning to go home, but she woke up again and convinced him to drive her home.

The route Deborah and husband traveled took them down Highway 50, and as they drove home in the darkness and around a bend, she saw a young woman lying naked on the side of the road with no shadow. She was flustered, and her husband offered to turn around and go back to see if the young woman was still there.

Deborah was scared and did not want to turn around. She had thought it could be a setup to take their car or rob them, and wanted to keep going and get to a phone. They arrived at a phone, and she called the police, telling them what she had seen. An officer came out to Highway 50 and advised them to show him where they saw the girl and to stay about 200 yards behind when they got there.

The officer drove up and shined a spotlight around the area while Deborah and her husband waited. She was positive he was going to find someone. Finding no one, he turned his police car around and came back to where Deborah and her husband were. He advised them to head home and told Deborah to get some rest. It was the classic situation of people right away making it seem as if you are crazy.

The road to be twisty and winding and Deborah never liked to drive on the road at night. She was not sure why she needed to get up and go home at that minute, but followed the advice, as she and her husband went home and she went to bed. She tried to sleep, but could not. She kept having visions of the dead woman she saw on the side of the road and just cried. She wondered what happened and who the woman was.

Christine’s aunt and uncle arrived to help search for Christine and Nick. The deputy asked them to go and get some rest and start fresh when the sun came up. The deputy began to have a sixth sense type of feeling and felt there could be a connection between the woman that Deborah had seen and Christine. Christine’s father knew something had happened, but he was not sure what. The deputy went up during the day and starting looking for clues. He was searching for any sign of Christine and her son. There had to be something out of the ordinary in the area that would lead him to them.


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