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Farm Help Needed – Call Paris and Nicole – The Simple Life 2 – Episode 6

Rich Bitches on the CB radio…hello…hello…burp!

What do you do when you don’t know how your CB works…stop at a truck stop! Friendly, flirty man helps them figure it out, and gives them their handle…Pink Panther (get it, the pink truck?!)! Nicole promptly gets on the CB and begins what she’s best at; toying with men! Very sexual teasing ensues…need I say more? Hey, you’re away from your posh home, no night clubs or sexy men to flirt with, why not turn your attention to the little box in the truck … with scary truck drivers on the other end (looking for the sexy voices called the Pink Panther…you’d never consider they’d be in a pink pick-up truck huh?)

Half way home heading out of Louisiana…too much time in the car!!!

The Lutz-Carrillo Family, seeking farm hands – girls, your next job awaits. Family meeting to sort out the ‘jobs’ to be done once the girls arrive. The outhouse seems to be the key pleasure point for the family – who still has an outhouse?

Before the girls even meet their new family, they get stuck in the mud pulling onto the property! Good first impression ladies!

Mr. Lutz Carrillo can only afford to pay them, 1 an hour… 1 rests, 1 works and gets paid…then switch!

First request of the girls…we want to see the boy’s rooms! The boys think they’re a little ditzy, but wouldn’t be opposed to making out with either of them! Go figure!

The family sits with the girls to tell them a little bit about themselves…they love animals…they’re simple folks…and they have a dancing sheep…hot sheep so says Mr. Carrillo!

The boys were born in the house…Paris and Hilton don’t quite understand the ‘natural’/weird ways of their new family – they are comparing the house to the movie Carrie!

First task…get the girls unstuck! 4 men…lots of plywood, etc., and they are free!

Chores! Naw, the girls call Sky into the bathroom and try to talk him into an escape. And, success…all the boys load into the pretty pink truck and off they go. The parents stagedly flop out of the house after the truck, but, shucks, they’ve missed them, galldarnet! The girls have stolen their sons!

First stop, tanning salon…it’s the boys’ first time! Scantily clad ladies in the beds….bored boys sitting waiting on the couch. Long segment, for nothing much going on!

After the beds, a little spray tan….but, they’re going to experiment with the boys…painting little hearts and ‘hot’ all over their bodies.

After dark, they arrive home, just in time for dinner. Zepher’s pet pig is for dinner! Paris is having issues with the meal once the conversation starts. She’s repulsed.

Home to the trailer…alone? Naw, the 2 of the boys show up to go out for the night. Nicole is going to do her best to find them some women and get them laid! 2 girls recruited…to see the boy’s ‘so called tans’. No sex though, so they move on to the next couple of ladies. Numbers swapped…off to the next prey. Nicole educates, ‘stop with the chit chat’.

Paris reappears…with a guy?!?! Silence…uncomfortable moment…and the guy is sent away!

Next morning, when the girls come back into their trailer, they find a chicken in their bed! What do you do when you have a chicken in your bed? Well, duh! Dress it up, give it hair, and take pictures, of course!

Before breakfast, the girls are solicited to feed the chickens. Feed taken care of, in the stinking pens. Paris is taken with the chicks. I’m pretty sure, anything tiny and fluffy, makes her happy!

Off to the sheep…no problems feeding them. The girls are taken with the cute appeal. Time for the infamous dancing sheep…looked more like a crazy man leaping around, and a sheep doing what a sheep does! Hmmmm.

Quick good-byes…change clothing before the ride…and they’re off…..maybe! They’re still plugged into the electrical cord….which they can’t get undone from the truck! Instead, they just drag it along!

1509 miles to go…


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