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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 4 – The Best Just Desserts Episode Ever!

The World of Pure Imagination – Judges include Gail, Elvis, Theoden, cake master Ron Ben-Israel, with the Wonka cast guesting.

Hammer – Chocolate Waterfall with Chocolate Milk – The waterfall is more of a water fountain. There is one thin, intense stream of milk coming out, so intense that it almost gets all over Gail when she puts the chocolate cup under it. Cups that Rockman made after Hammer bailed on helping her, by the way. Hammer did redeem the poor stream by making delicious chocolate milk.

Rockman – Raspberry Fizzy Chocolate and Chocolate Tulip Cups with Blueberry Sauce – A nice showing by Rockman, I sense she was the fourth place finisher this week, as she incorporated two of the movie moments – the Fizzy Lifting Drink and the Blueberry Pie. Veruca was amazed that the chocolate treats had a fizzy sensation, and Violet had no flashbacks to the blueberry and made yummy sounds.

Baby Hands – Giant Gummy Bears – They said it well, it just didn’t taste very good.

Rebecca – Vanilla and Coffee Bean Moon Pies and Golden Egg Cakes – The Pies are a bit tough, but the cakes are a hit. Rebecca serves these in real life, and calls them Veruca Salt cakes. And here she gets to serve them to Veruca herself – very cool. And Veruca liked it!

Matt – Strawberry, Lemon and Vanilla Profiteroles – They are basically a bunch of lollipops, but they are delicious lollipops.

Orlando – Raspberry Chocolate Crunchies – They are huge, and Mike TV liked them. Interesting that Orlando has the most attitude this season, but his food has been rather tepidly received.

Macho I – Pistachio Finarier, Orange Dirt, and Milk Chocolate Mousse -She was inspired by the one scene of the film where an Oompa Loompa is hauling sugar in a wheelbarrow. So she made dirt. However, she failed to address a non-messy way of consuming the dirt.

Macho 2 – Green Donuts and Whoopee Pie Daisies – Veruca tries to spit out the donuts. However, she does like the pies. In a hysterical moment, a kid disgustedly hands the donut back to his mom.

Katzie – Carrot patch and Beehive -All loved it. Charlie was especially impressed that she came up with stuff not from the film, but inspired by it.

Carlos – Peanut Butter and Jelly Macaroons and Fruit Wallpaper -Elvis likes how he took a French pastry and gave it an American spin. And Ben-Israel praises the paper.

Megan – Bourbon Caramel Candy Bar Pops and Orange Cream Curd and Lavender Shortbread– She made an alcohol-based dessert for children, and she made lavender shortbread which did not taste like lavender. She worked hard for others, and failed to make hers good enough.

Matt, Carlos and Katzie, along with Macho 1 & 2, Baby Hands and Megan all get called back by the judges. The chefs left behind were baffled, but it turns out they are just safe. Hammer is amazed by this – because clearly Hammer is a golden god. Top Chef just pulled a Project Runway with the judging- top and bottom sorted out together. As you know, Katzie wins and Baby Hands and Macho 2 go home. Baby Hands’ departure was loooong overdue, as he was one of the most overmatched reality contestants I can recall. Macho 2 will bitch and complain no more. And her departure allows me to have only one Macho nickname for the rest of the season. And now our little group is becoming smaller by the minute.

Quickfire Hits
• Not only did this episode rock, but we also got a Top Chef: Texas promo where Padma basically has sexual relations with a barbequed rib. Not that I’m complaining about it…
• How many times has poor Veruca been asked to say, “I want it and I want it now?” You’d think she’d get all Russell Crowe with a telephone if asked…
• Macho 1 thinks her life was like Charlie Buckett’s – and I tend to doubt that. Can you imagine a song called, “Cheer Up, Macho 1?”
• Megan should have said that her alcohol cake was not for the kids but for Grandpa Joe and the others. Remember, there was a scene with Willy and Mr. Salt about the grownup desserts. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker
• I like how Orlando was able to explain the science behind chocolate mixing – even if I still don’t get it. It involved crystals, but so did that Wicca girlfriend I had for about a week in college.
• One of the coolest parts of this episode – I have not remembered seeing Elvis smiling as much in past episodes. I mean, seriously, Elvis was giddy!
• I liked to see how those cups were made. Rockman inflated some small balloons, dipped them in chocolate, and then popped the balloons. Ingenious!
• I can’t help but chuckle when Orlando mutters under his breath, although loudly enough for people to hear, “shut the eff up” when people are talking.
• C’mon Megan, no need for crying, you had to know how bad those donuts and gummy bears were.
• I loved the slow smile on Katzie’s face as she realized she was the winner. Nice moment.
• Extra Scene – Rebecca realizes that the Oompa Loompas have a kindred spirit in Snooki.

So that’s it for the week – let’s see if they can keep the momentum going.

Next week – Rebecca drops a bunch of stuff, there seems to be a water park excursion and funnel cakes. And that’s a really good thing.

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