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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – Getting Along… Or Not

Bryce made shorts that combined Anya’s textile with Anthony’s. He used Anya’s textile for the shorts proper and Anthony’s textile for the large pockets, which he then trimmed with black fabric. He also made a plain, loose orange t-shirt.

Anthony made a textile consisting of short black lines arranged in squares against a white background. He used this textile to make a sleeveless blouse. He also made a white skirt with black spots, a scarlet cravat and a beige sash.

Olivier made a gray jacket with a black collar. His model is not wearing a shirt underneath, but the jacket is buttoned in such a way as to prevent any “wardrobe malfunctions.” He made pants out of a textile consisting of criss-crossing diagonal lines.

Last up is Viktor, who designed an ink-blot textile, which he uses for the bodice of a sleeveless dress. The rest of the dress consists of a black floor-length slit skirt.

Afterwards, Heidi announces that Team Chaos is the winning team. The winning designer will therefore come from Team Chaos, while somebody from Team Nuts and Bolts will be sent home. The judges decide to talk to Team Chaos, while Team Nuts and Bolts has to wait backstage. There, Josh declares that Becky should go home as she has no “vision.” Dude, not all ideas or visions are good ones.

Team Chaos, meanwhile, explains that they wanted to depict the chaos of life in New York City. Heidi says she loves the prints and evening dress, while Michael likes the tailoring of Olivier’s jacket and the group’s urban video. The judges deem Viktor’s evening gown to be chic, but Bryce’s shorts lack sophistication and seem to be Team Chaos’ weak point. Rose liked Anya’s cocktail dress, while Rachel enjoyed the whole collection. Nina thinks the collection showed a “personal” touch, but didn’t like the make-up or hair.

Naturally, Heidi asks Team Chaos who the overall winner should be. At first, they try to duck the question and declare theirs was a truly collaborative effort, but Heidi persists. The normally diffident Olivier then nominates himself, and most of his teammates do the same thing. Bryce, however, nominates Anya. She had made a dress, designed a textile, and helped edit the video.

Then the judges talk to Team Nuts and Bolts. Heidi finds their collection to be too busy, while Michael deems it too literal. (He’s right; surely there are other ways to depict time crunches besides graffiti reading “delayed.”) Nor do the judges like the video, which they dismiss as depicting either a hooker convention or a collection of ads for shoes or taxis. Michael also dislikes Becky’s skirt and shirt, but thinks the jacket is okay.

The judges then ask who should go home. Bert and Becky nominate Josh, calling him “disruptive.” Josh disagrees with that, and claims he had input on all three prints. Nina retorts that the prints were all horrible. Josh then names Becky as the weakest link. Kimberly agrees, saying Becky has a “simple” aesthetic. Her looks have the least styling.

Afterwards, the judges have their chat, and they start with their favorites from Team Chaos. Olivier made a spectacular jacket. Viktor’s dress was beautiful. Anya’s cocktail dress was lovely and she showed a good eye for prints.

On to Team Nuts and Bolts. Becky’s look was boring and showed no design. She’s a good seamstress– but that’s not the point of the show. Josh is a bully who had designed the worst print. Bert has a bad attitude, but can craft clothes.

The judges then announce the winner: Anya. I suspect this was because she’d used more of the textile than either Olivier or Viktor. Everybody else from Team Chaos is in, naturally. Laura, Kimberly, and Bert are also in, leaving Josh and Becky in the bottom two. Josh’s print had missed the mark, and Becky’s look was the weakest in a weak collection. Becky is out, while Josh gets to make his fellow designers miserable awhile longer.

We are now at the half-way point with nine designers left. Bryce seems to be the weakest designer left, as he has never won and been in the bottom several times. He’s survived this long simply because he’s had the good luck to either go against an even weaker designer or be on a winning team. That luck’s bound to run out, though– especially since the others have all won challenges and/or been in the top three. Anya, Kimberly, and Laura seem to be the most consistently good, as they have yet to grace the bottom with their presence, while the guys, especially Bert and Viktor, seem to be more erratic.

Next week: A group of men commission the designers to make something for their wives, and Olivier gets an education about bra sizes.

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