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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – Getting Along… Or Not

The following morning, the designers go to work and find their textiles waiting for them. Apparently, nobody likes colors, for everybody made black and white textiles. (Was there something in the rules expressly forbidding color, or did the designers all just decide to use black and white?) Team Nuts and Bolts has Josh’s “graffiti” print that has words like “delayed” and “cancelled” on it, Laura’s numbers print, and Becky’s clock gears print. Team Chaos has ink blots and squiggly lines for their prints.

Anya works on a cocktail dress, while Anthony worries that his ink blot look could come out looking like a cow. Kimberly hates all of the textiles her team made and decides not to use any of them. Smart woman.

Tim comes in to make his rounds, and he starts with Team Chaos. He’s pleased with them, and says he can see cohesion in their designs. He also likes their textiles, which he calls “amazing.” He does warn them to watch their fit. Tim is far less pleased with Team Nuts and Bolts. He thinks the numbers print Becky is using for a skirt looks cheap. Tim thinks the collection lacks cohesiveness– as does the team. He then asks everybody to form a circle and hold hands and vow to communicate with each other. Apparently, he’s noticed that the least mature designers are on this team, as such exercises are typically used with teenagers or kids.

Josh, of course, doesn’t take criticism at all well and he’s frustrated that the critique went as badly as it did. He tells us that his late mother’s birthday was a few days ago– and then he calls his father for some comfort. Josh’s family, it turns out, live in the mid-west, while he’d moved to New York to pursue his career. So, he wasn’t home when his mother died. That still doesn’t give him the right to throw tantrums or bully people. He needs to act his age, not his shoe size.

The models come in for their fitting. Josh and Bert politely examine each other’s designs, and Laura civilly asks Bert his opinion of her piece. Then it’s time to go home for the night.

On the morning of the runway show, Laura tells us she thinks Josh has left the drama behind. Anthony worries about Olivier’s incomplete pants, for Olivier has been spending all of his time on a jacket. Tim sends in the models for their final fitting, hair, and make-up. Team Nuts and Bolts ask the stylists to give their models mechanistic make-up and severe hairdos.

Then it’s off to the runway. Heidi introduces the guest judges, designer Rachel Roy and actress Rose Byrne. Team Nuts and Bolts is up first. Joshua made a graffiti print textile and used that to make pants. He also made a metallic blue shirt. Josh’s jacket is black on one side and white on the other, and he cut it to make it look like it had gears’ teeth. In the back, the black and white halves appear to mesh together like gears.

Becky used Josh’s graffiti textile to make a short skirt. She also made a black jacket and a chartreuse shirt that looks a bit too big for the skinny model.

Bert wisely used Becky’s gears textile to make a sleeveless, one-shouldered dress that is almost mid-calf in length. The dress is virtually backless, except for a single strap, and it has a zipper going diagonally across the front. He not so wisely had the model wear black boots with it, which had the unfortunate effect of making the model’s legs look shorter than they are.

Kimberly didn’t use any of the textiles, as she didn’t like them. She keeps to the clock theme by making a blue sash cut to resemble gear teeth. She also made a poofy silver mini-skirt out of some textured fabric and a backless chartreuse shirt.

Laura apparently didn’t think much of Team Nuts and Bolts’ textiles, either, for she only used one to make a belt. The rest of her look is a sleeveless blue jump suit.

Then it’s Team Chaos’ turn. Anya is first. Her textile consists of squiggly lines that look like a cross between an inkblot and paisley. It’s more attractive than I’ve made it sound. She used it to make a cocktail dress. The dress has short sleeves made of wholly black fabric and a narrow black belt. The dress also plunges in the back.