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Paranormal Challenge: September 9, USS Hornet

In the Radio Room, Josh is using a phone to provoke the spirits, If they hear anything or want to say anything, now is their chance. Dr. Nichols says this is a great idea. Allan, Dante and Josh once again start talking about how charged it is in here. Zak sounds the siren, providing Dave a moment of deadpan. He pretends he can no longer hear, and Danielle simply says “Boys and their toys.” If you think about it, she should have won just for having Michael Myers chase her and then Kane Hodder!

S.R.I.P. and Soul Seekers now switch zones. Zak asks if the teams are ready to continue on, and they all yell “YEAH!” while Leeanna gives a “Hell to the yeah.” Soul Seekers are in the Sick Bay room where burn victims were kept and tormented. Allan is trying his best to treat the sailors with respect. He begins to lie in a bed and proclaims his back is hot; he is nervous and freaking out. He is freaking out during the whole show. He is a bit dramatic but seems genuine.

Leeanna is in the Brig speaking to the sailors and soldiers who were kept in the hole. She is asking what it is like? (She could just watch “OZ;” they give you a good idea of what being in the hole is.) Soul Seekers finds a very interesting bit of evidence. It is determined to be Morse code. Danielle jumps in and says she hears something. The members of S.R.I.P. begin to hear more noises in the Brig and are all talking at once as it becomes hard to hear anything either one of them heard. The cursing and constant talking makes it rather difficult to focus.

Their MEL Meter is going off, but it is still very hard to focus with all of them constantly talking. Cut to Soul Seekers’ Dante and Allan who state they are getting touched and asking if the spirit can come close. They have clearly picked up Morse code, which is truly fascinating. Soul Seekers are once again asking with respect for the sailors to make themselves known. They are using terms like “Sir” and “Please, Sir,” and “Thank you, Sir.” They begin to request the doctor’s presence, and he makes himself known for a moment, and thenAllan says, “Dude, it just stopped.”

Danielle now admits that listening to Josh’s interesting Mess Hall commentary has become annoying. In another horrible section of the ship a man hanged himself in the doorway. An emotional moment comes when Leeanna enters the room and begins to explain her own personal experience with losing her child. She broke down, and it feels as if she is trying to connect with her child in a way. It is a genuinely sad moment.

Zak takes a moment to reflect and adds that the sadness was felt. Leeanna tries to continue; she askes what the sailors name is, but the emotions are overwhelming. It seems they should have left go and let her out of the room to gather her thoughts. Leeanna continues on and moves forward. Danielle feels that in the back of Leeanna’s mind, she had hoped to see or hear her child’s voice.

Finally again Zak sounds the siren and round two is over. The teams must pack up their equipment and evacuate for the night. They are advised their mission is over. There was no debriefing, and overlapping commentary informs viewers that Soul Seekers collected some great evidence. Dante believes he collected stunning evidence and is ready to win.

The teams return the next morning, and S.R.I.P. presents two pieces of audio evidence. Their first piece is from the Sick Bay in which Leeanna had thought she heard “You got me covered.” Danielle hears “they got me covered,” It’s actually rather raspy and very hard to tell. The second audio is Leeanna’s solo trip through the Mess hall. She is positive it is not her, but she continues to whisper, making it difficult for anyone to really tell whether or not it is a disembodied voice or her whispering (note to investigators, tag what you do and stop whispering). Danielle thinks it is Leeanna asking “What the hell was that?”

S.R.I.P. do not have any visual evidence and admits they couldn’t tell if it was just dust or not when their hyped up MEL Meter went off extensively. Leeanna gets a hug and condolences from Zak regarding how far she went with admitting such personal details on the show.

Soul Seekers come in and they present their evidence. They have two pieces of audio evidence from the Sick Bay. The first sounds like “Yes” or “Yep,” but Dr. Nichols thinks it is “Help,” and says it is a bit grainy, but impressive. Their next piece is the Morse code evidence. In all of the thirty-five years of his career, Dr. Nichols says he has never seen an MEL meter do Morse code, so they begin to investigate. Zak calls upon a ship-to-shore engineer who investigates, and Heidi comes back to reveal the news. The messages was “W-N-C-C-N-W-R-E-E,” which represents an important message in the United States regarding the ships.

Soul Seekers also provide visual evidence which shows their MEL meter asking how many sailors were on the ship and arriving at the right amount, a little over 3,100. Dr. Nichols is impressed, Danielle has become a non-skeptic and Dave is impressed with this evidence. They also present the full flashlight as part of their visual. On command, the flashlight comes on and then goes off.

The judges deliberate, with Dave being upset that Leeanna did not pay attention to the judging and did not stop whispering. They agree on the teamwork for Soul Seekers and the evidence that Soul Seekers presented. They all agree it is impressive. Dave is once again happy that S.R.I.P. did not present false or lacking evidence. The judges easily decide on the winners. The winner of this week’s “Paranormal Challenge” is Soul Seekers. S.R.I.P. explains they had a huge learning experience. Soul Seekers are content and state “We got this!”

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