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Big Brother 13, Sept. 8 –Surprising Final 3

Rachel takes Jordan for her word, and brings Porsche into the purple room for a talk. She’s Jordan’s friend, but she came too far to go out without trying. She tells Porsche if she takes her to final three, she would have a good shot at making it to final two. If she takes Jordan, she’ll probably take Adam. She reminds her as well that she kept her last week. She thinks Porsche would have a great shot at winning, as she played a great social game and a great competitive game and fought really hard. She just ended up giving a great argument to not take Porsche to the final two. Porsche does believe Rachel will take her to final two, but thinks her chances of winning are probably better against Jordan.

Going live Thursday night, Porsche obviously uses the veto on herself, forcing Rachel up on the block in her place. Rachel gives her speech, saying she is sho honored to be in the Big Brother House again. She is glad she and Adam had a chance to become friends, and she never thought she’d find a friend in the house like Jordan, who she calls a sweet, amazing, beautiful woman. Porsche has been one of her closest friends, despite their ups and downs. 

Jordan tells Porsche she already campaigned to her the night before, and she knows she’s going home. She is glad she aligned with Adam. His word is good, and he’s a great man. She considers Fara a lucky woman. Rachel is awesome and so sweet, different than she thought she would be. She never really talked much with Porsche, but knows she loves wearing bikinis and hosting comps. She tried to win this for Jeff and his family, but it just wasn’t in the cards. 

Porsche stands with a big decision in front of her, that Jordan seems sure is already decided. She’s right. Porsche tells both Jordan and Rachel that they are both beautiful women inside and out. She and Jordan did not spend enough time playing the game together, while she and Rachel have been together a lot. For that reason, she has to evict Jordan. This makes it her first time in two seasons to be evicted. 

Outside talking to Julie Chen, Jordan admits she’s a little disappointed. She explains that she never did talk to Porsche before and that she knows nothing about her. She knew as soon as Porsche won the veto that she was going home. Julie asks why she is so forgiving of Adam nominating her, and she explains he had to put up somebody, and it just wasn’t going to be her and Rachel. He wanted her to fight and win the veto. 

Regarding Shelly’s betrayal, Jordan admits she was playing the game then too personally and not really smart. Shelly is so sweet, that she got caught up in that, as she was like a mom away from home. You just can’t trust anybody in the house, even if they’re a mom. She feels she and Rachel balanced each other out, with herself being good at the social game, and Rachel being a great competitor. Rachel ws the one who saved them last week. Next for Jordan will be the same old thing, going back to school and going back to the salon.

In Jordan’s goodbye messages, Porsche tells her she’s sorry she couldn’t keep her. She knows she’s very close to Rachel and Adam, and she just couldn’t risk it going to final two. Adam tells “Sweet, Sweet, Jordan” he can’t express how thankful he is. She and Jeff showed him the ropes on how to ploay the game. She’s fair and honest, and he thanks her with lots of hugs. Rachel is sorry she couldn’t save the both of them with the veto. They worked together the entire summer and became really good friends. The boyfriends have become the bromance of the century, so she suggests they have a chickmance. She advises her to go to the jury with her head held high, as she’s an amazing person and she feels like she made a lifelong friend in her.

For part one of the final HoH, which is always endurance, Adam, Rachel, and Porsche have to stand on platforms that are supposed to be the beater bars of a miser. They are told they’ll need the perfect blend of strength and stamina. The last person hanging on will automatically advance to part three of the final HoH, facing off against the winner of the second part. 

There is no doubt that part one will not be won by Adam. He is not good at endurance, while it’s Rachel’s mainstay. Porsche will probably give her a run for her money though. Even watching them Thursday night as they stand there, Rachel looks completely comfortable, while Adam makes the rookie mistake of holding on with his hands above his head. He won’t be able to stand that way very long.

It’s a surprising final three when you look at it. For Rachel’s second time in the game, she was making all the same mistakes she made the first time around … until Brendon left. She is a much better player without him. Porsche was almost voted out the first week instead of Keith. She was annoying everyone. Adam was switching his allegiances from the get-go, and had something going with Dick, only to have him leave. Come to think of it, Dick was setting up Porsche to work with the veterans too. Despite him only being in the house for a few days, did he really set things up this well that it lasted until final three?

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