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Big Brother 13, Sept. 8 –Surprising Final 3

Apparently just to humor all the teenagers out there, Julie Chen starts Thursday’s Big Brother by stating it’s day 69 in the house. All jokes aside, that’s more than two full months, and they have just one week left. The big question Thursday night is who will be voted out and be the last member to go to the jury house. For the first time in a few weeks, after the Head of Household was won by Adam, it’s not all that set in stone who will be headed home. He can no longer just follow the power, as Julie announced, because he is the power.

Regardless of nothing being set in stone, Porsche knows her butt is on the line without a strong alliance member helping her. She’s really fighting for herself. Adam can no longer float to her side, as he showed by voting out Kalia that he was firmly on the side of the veterans. Jordan admits that voting to keep Kalia was a strategic move. She can now tell her she kept her word with her, hopefully helping her with a jury vote. Rachel, however, is wondering why she’s always the one who has to get blood on her hands.

Up until now, Adam had been the only one of the final for not to win HoH. He’s “King of the Castle, Baby.” He’s ready for the others to start kissing his butt the way he had to kiss theirs all season long. In his HoH room are pictures of him with girlfriend Fara, as well as Tori Spelling. Everything in his HoH basket seems to be bacon-related, including gummi bacon. 

Porsche helps Adam bring all his stuff upstairs to the HoH room, noting in the diary room later that she wouldn’t mind being in the end with him … or Jordan or Rachel. She just wants to be in the final two chairs. He tells her not to worry, as he’s not going to ask her who she’ll take to final 2 provided she gets to choose. She informs him she thinks the two of them have a running shot, and she would rather the jury pick from two newbies, than have it decided on newbie vs. veteran. She knows Adam and Jordan are super-close, yet she points out she and Jordan are pretty equal, except she’s a newbie, and Jordan just won half a million two years ago.

Rachel is the next one up to the HoH, and knows they have a final three deal, so tells him they need to figure out how to make it happen. He seems to be barely listening, though, just caring that three beautiful women are begging him. Imagine if Tori Spelling was in the mix … and they were all eating bacon. 

Jordan is the next one up, and reasoning it out thinks Rachel being gone makes it easier for Adam in final three, yet he kind of wants to go head to head with her.  He wants to make sure Jordan understands if he has to nominate her. Jordan knows if Porsche ends up winning PoV and has the sole power to evict this week, it will be her going home, as she cast her vote to keep Kalia instead of her. She asks if he puts her on the block and wins veto, if he’ll keep the nominations the same, and he refuses to comment. Jordan fights like I’ve never seen her before, saying Porsche doesn’t deserve to be final three. Adam still doesn’t want to commit or admit, but she can read everything on his face what he’s planning on doing. She’s upset that they helped him get to this point and now he’ll just screw them over. 

At the nomination ceremony, Adam decides to make Rachel the only safe person in the house, pending power of veto. His reasoning is that the best night he had in the house was when he won power of veto and pulled himself off the block. Rachel has already done that as well, but the other two haven’t, so he’s giving them the opportunity. Porsche notes it’s a good thing she left her lip gloss on the nomination chair, as she’s headed right back there. Rachel is shocked to not be nominated, yet knows she still has to win the power of veto to guarantee a spot in the final three. Jordan knows she has to win it and quit lolligagging.

The power of veto comp is set up like jukeboxes. They have a pole in the middle and ten clues on the left and the right. They have to pick up blocks with the names of houseguests, and choose the two names that will satisfy the clues on both the left and the right. If they hit the buzzer and find out they’re wrong, they have to go back and fix it. Porsche has a good idea from the very start, building the blocks on the ground first. If she has to fix something while setting it up, she doesn’t have to pull it all off. This is exactly where Adam is going wrong, as he can’t find the two names together he wants, so has to start unstacking to see if he chose wrong somewhere along the way. Porsche gets it figured out and hits the buzzer, but is wrong. She fixes one line, and gets it right this time, winning PoV.

After her win, Porsche makes it known she won veto when it mattered most, yet even though she’s working with Jordan and Rachel, it would be kind of good to be with a newbie in the final three. Rachel is crying again, saying she can’t do anything right. It doesn’t matter how many times she wins, when she loses, she just can’t handle it. Jordan says it wasn’t supposed to happen this way, as she wanted Porsche out. She realizes her chances of staying are looking pretty slim. She tells Rachel she deserves to leave, and if it wasn’t for Rachel pulling her along, she would have left the house even earlier. She urges Rachel to fight to stay this week, but Rachel refuses to throw her under the bus. 


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