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Paranormal Witness Series Premiere: Sept. 7 on Syfy

Laurel called her mother and told her to bring Isabella home to reveal her room. Laurel showed the little girl her new room, and she seemed happy and a little more at peace. Minutes later they all walked out of the room, then returned with Isabella to see the room turned upside down. It was completely unexplained; the mural even looked faded. The room was destroyed. Brian admitted that this was starting to “drive him crazy.” They tried to comfort Isabella and tell her it will be okay.

Brian decided reluctantly to nail the little girl’s windows shut, which concerned him because of the possibility of a fire. Emily told Isabella she could go out the window, which is a two story drop to the ground. Isabella also revealed this to her visibly upset grandmother and stared blankly for several moments, then said, “Emily said I can go out the window.” The grandmother began to get very upset and confronted her daughter, telling her they needed to leave the house.

Laura discuses a very interesting moment when Emily apparently opened the basement door and pulled Isabella across the kitchen floor, then threw her down the basement stairs. Can someone say “Poltergeist?” The kid is lying on the kitchen floor, and like a scene out of a movie, they dramatically show her sliding backwards, as if someone is pulling her and throwing her down the steps. Laurel runs downstairs freaking out. She is imagining everything horrible, from a broken neck to death. It has caused me to avoid my basement this evening.

I just don’t understand how the child did not break any bones? The way they depicted it, the kid could grow up and become a stuntwoman. I think people watching it felt the pain. Her mom was now ready to go on an instant crusade, because the possibility of the kid jumping out the second floor window was not enough. She wanted the house to be blessed or exorcised by a priest. She was willing to do anything, so she called a medium.

The medium came into the house and sat for a while, staring blankly, then began singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” (what is it with these strange nursery rhymes?), and then the medium’s voice changed. She began speaking in a deep sort of demonic Linda Blair meets Emily Rose voice. She started repeating over and over again “get the Bibles out, get the Bibles out.” The family found their two Bibles, leaving the medium to chant angrily that there is another Bible in the house.

The couple began to ransack their daughter’s room, throwing things everywhere (this poor kid, everyone needs to leave her room alone), and there they found the Bible. No one knows where it came from, but they did find it. Brian decided after the medium left, and the room was ransacked, that he was going to light some candles (not a good idea). He lit two, and one shot flames about four or five feet, shooting candle wax all over the wall. He is once again very freaked out.

Brian and Laurel admitted they were terrified, (now they are terrified) so they decided to go to bed. Brian felt that night would be the night that this entity would fully reveal itself and it did. Laurel had fallen asleep with the television on, and Brian woke up in the middle of the night. He sat up with a blank look on his face and began to choke his wife. She was in bed next to him being choked. She managed to get up, but did not get away from him. He continued to push her against the wall and used one hand to pick her up off the floor, continuing his choke hold.

Laurel finally managed to escape and ran down the steps and out of the house; she was in her pajamas and running down the street. She stopped and turned around and realized her husband was no longer behind her, but staring at her like she was the crazy one. She explained that he was choking her. He believes the spirit took over him to prove itself and that he was fully possessed. I think now they need to call a real estate agent ASAP!

Brian and Laurel could not figure out how to battle something they couldn’t see. Laurel insisted she was battling an unseen force that was ruining her life and her family. Laurel collapsed in a state of grief and screamed to the house “You won; it’s yours.” They finally decided to leave after Brian called his aunt, who asked him why he didn’t tell her what was happening earlier. It was a relief to finally see them leave. They grabbed what they could, although Brian feared the spirit would attach itself to something.

Laurel, Brian and Isabella are doing better, but the new family who moved in after them moved right out because pictures kept falling off the wall. I guess Emily, or whatever is in that home, still lurks around.

The next “Paranormal Witness” scenario takes place in Oak, Florida in 2004, with a reporter named Stephanie and her daughter Misty. They also had an exchange student from Pakistan living with them, and they all had to experience this terror. Stephanie decided to try and use trickery to get the kids to go with her to church by saying she was going somewhere else, but Misty admitted she gave her a difficult time and only went along for the ride.


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