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Paranormal Witness Series Premiere: Sept. 7 on Syfy

Paranormal Witness uses the tagline “don’t watch it alone.” It takes on possessions, UFOs, unexplained objects flying across rooms, ghosts and all the unexplained events that only Syfy could do true justice to. The show allows real people to tell their frightening tales and has reenactments by actors who tell the story, providing you with a great visual feeling of what happened. The show uses a mix of intimate stories, personal photos and real footage. Some of the people providing the testimonies are so shaken by what they went through they had to take a moment to collect their train of thoughts.

Tonight’s episode features two different stories, the first one involving a family. Brian and Laurel’s little girl Isabella has a rather disturbing imaginary friend named Emily. Laurel seems visibly upset reliving these moments, especially since it concerns her daughter. The family moved into a new home (think “Amityville Horror,” but no Rod Steiger or flies). Laurel explains that she just wanted to move into the home and be happy with her family. The people selling the home were in a hurry to sell, which should make you wonder right then and there, but they made the choice to purchase the home for less than market value.

One of the rooms was oddly painted a blood red color, and it took Brian quite a while to actually properly fix the room. He then claimed it looked like the walls were bleeding. The previous owners had only lived there a year, and that is another hint to run the other way. The show did have creepiness to it, and it is fascinating to hear the actual stories of what happened despite the terror and torment. Isabella began talking to an imaginary friend named Emily, who apparently was not as nice as Laurel thought.

One of the first experiences was with Isabella. Laurel was in the kitchen, and there was a small cabinet with a glass door on it. Isabella was playing in the room near it, but Laurel claims Isabella was nowhere near it. Laurel hears a crash in the room, and the cabinet door opened as a small statue flew out of the cabinet and smashed. Laurel began blaming Isabella and asking her why she would do this.

Isabella began acting strange and looked at her mother, saying “Emily doesn’t like you, Mommy.” Laurel is visibly upset as she continues to relive and tell the story of what happened in her house from hell. She continues, stating that Laurel began hearing Isabella sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and she was not sure where she learned it. Laurel began questioning her daughter, and Isabella kept repeating, “I am learning Mom.” Laurel wondered who she was learning from.

This kid basically was turning into Danny from “The Shining.” You expect her to start talking in a different voice. Her father, Brian, said she began spending more time in her room and was staying by herself talking to Emily. Her father felt a constant presence, as if he was being watched. He was in the bathroom brushing his teeth (the usual thing people are doing when they are experiencing paranormal entities), and said he felt something tug his shirt, then saw a fast shadow. Where is Super Nanny at when you need her? Brian began calling his daughter’s name and searching for her in the bathroom and hallway, yet she was nowhere to be found.

Brian found Isabella in her room with a look of fear on her face. Brian explained he wants to keep his family safe. Laurel explains that her daughter came up to her and said that Emily’s mom hurt her in the bathroom. Laurel began to fall apart and could not figure out how her daughter could know this (some kids are susceptible to paranormal), so she did some investigating of her own. She decided to take Isabella to the pediatrician who declared Isabella perfectly normal, making Laurel begin to second-guess herself.

The doctor told Laurel that her daughter is pretending. It is natural (Good call Doc!), and she will be fine. Laurel wonders for a moment if maybe it is just normal to have an imaginary friend. What about “Drop Dead Fred?” (Awesome imaginary friend) The family decided to stay out for the day after visiting the pediatrician, and Brian said they had an awesome day. It was a normal, relaxing day, but eventually the family had to return home.

Brian and Laurel took Isabella home and she began to get very quiet and was acting very scared. They were free from the house for the entire day and the child was able to be without Emily, so it much have been peaceful. Yet now they were home and Brian and Laurel panicked to see what appeared to be “a whole wall of happiness” that was now on the floor in a pile. All of their family photos were off the walls and lying in the middle of their living room floor. Brian explains it was about twenty pictures in a large pile.

The family wanted to leave and move immediately but financially were unable to. Brian never believed in ghosts and never saw a ghost, but now he was experiencing things he could not explain, and he was becoming more and more freaked out. Just as things could not get any worse, Isabella ran into their room screaming “Daddy, the white face is in the window again.” Brian jumped up and followed his panicked daughter, and there in the window was what appeared to be a full apparition of a face. You would think this family would huddle together and stay in one room!

Brian finally admits that he now believes in ghosts or whatever it is tormenting his family. Laurel calls the vibe in her house dark and disturbing, and seems to just now be noticing this. The negative vibe prompted her to ask her mother to take Isabella for a while so Laurel could paint a mural of bright glowing, soft colors in Isabella’s room. She settled on painting a mural of “The Wizard of Oz,” because nothing says safety like the Wicked Witch of the West! (Feel free to insert witch riding music here.) She should have just gone with “The Addams Family” décor; at least they were always happy.


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