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Interview with Chef Emeril Lagasse of Hallmark Channel's “Emeril’s Table”

Chef Emeril Lagasse says there will be no more “Bam, Bam, thank you Ma’am.” The legendary chef who started out on the Food Network with “The Essence of Emeril” has created a new more mature and intimate program called “Emeril’s Table.” It will feature the chef along with a group of five people who are invited to join the table. He has inspired many cooking shows on the Food Network channel.

In a recent Q&A, Chef Lagasse was very smart and proved he knows his stuff. Talking about his background, he explained that he received his first culinary experience from his mother, Hilda. Because of this, he values having the family dinner around the table, which is where the idea for the show was derived from.

Over the years there have been dozens of cooking shows, but Chef Lagasse has managed to obtain a renowned status in the food world. He has opened restaurants and created some of the most unique shows and has one of the most used catch phrases in cooking history, “BAM!” Yes, you probably have even said it once or twice while cooking, trying to emulate Emeril. But, truth is told, there is only one Emeril Lagasse. There was a professional hired to choose who appears on the show. Chef Lagasse did not want to be in any way partial, so they hired what he calls a professional concierge of television.

“Emeril’s Table” takes on a smaller audience and will be less boisterous. He will deal with everyday issues people face when either trying to cook, or are afraid to cook. He loves to teach people how to cook, and people from all walks of life will be on the show learning from the best. Chef Lagasse will discuss different ways you can create a good meal and save money in the process. There will be grocery store demonstrations for those who do not know how to buy what is necessary to make a healthy meal. He takes on all subjects.

Chef Lagasse is incredibly excited and considers this to be the ultimate cooking lesson. He is encouraging the family presence as well. He is aware that families are very busy, but believes that there is still that bond that brings people to the family dinner table.

Over the years Chef Lagasse’s experience has made him grow. He feels this program is more mature and serious, but there will be some humor and a lot of intellectual and educational value to the program. In the current economy he wants to establish that people do not have to order food from a “window” to have a healthy meal. 

Chef Lagasse’s own family is no different. He has a lot of protein and vegetables on hand, and does try to have a food plan. He often finds himself asking his family what they would like for dinner before they even begin to have breakfast. His family does not eat fast food. Chef Lagasse would like to introduce those values to his viewers. We are often running around and so busy, we rarely have time to sit down and have a proper meal, but he wants to try his best to change that and show people that they can create a good meal for their families. 

Chef Lagasse also wants people to know that he did not “jump into the cooking show genre.” He has been in the game for a long time and has created some of the most legendary shows. He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award and has created several of his own food products available in stores. He has restaurants in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Orlando and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He was a big part in helping the green movement and advising people on healthier eating, which he continues to do on “Emeril’s Table.”

Chef Lagasse’s favorite dinner guest was the beloved Chef Julia Child. He was honored to cook for her. His love of music makes for some interesting dinner guests, including legendary singer/songwriter Billy Joel, whom Lagasse says is a true lover of food and can cook as well. He also mentioned that Sammy Hagar cooks for his family and grows his own food. Chef Lagasse believes his strong love of music is an addiction that has helped him in the cooking world. 

“Emeril’s Table” will also be “kid-friendly.” There is no reason to treat them any differently than you would treat an adult when cooking except for serving them a healthy fruit juice or water instead of the wine he serves to the adults. He has an eight-year-old son and believes the kids are the future. He thinks they should know the value of eating healthy. 

Chef Lagasse also has a new book coming out called, “Sizzling Skillets and other One-Pot Wonders” which hits shelves September 27th. The book is about the six cooking vessels people love to cook with and use every day; such as a crock pot, wok etc. He consulted with other chefs he has worked with in the past for some of the recipes.

Chef Lagasse believes if you are hosting your own version of “Emeril’s Table,” the secret is to know what people like and if they have any type of food allergies before cooking for someone. When you truly love cooking it comes through in the meal. He wants people to feel connected to show and know that it is an intellectual cooking show. 

Make sure to catch the culinary icon on the brand new daily series and be a part of “Emeril’s Table” which debuts on the Hallmark Channel’s HOME block on September 26.

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