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Big Brother 13, Sept. 7 – Floaters Don't Need Their Life Jackets

Kalia is right. Rachel whined about the others taking out power players, meaning her fiancé, instead of the floaters. Yet, when she has the same opportunity, she keeps the floaters and gets rid of the power players. It’s obviously okay to do, but just quit saying one thing, then doing the other. 

Interestingly, Jordan votes to evict Porsche, while Adam votes to evict Kalia. I suspect the reason Jordan did this is so that Rachel would have the pleasure of breaking the tie. Breaking the tie, Rachel addresses Kalia’s comments, saying it’s true she believes in competitors, but she’s also a competitor, and has fought her heart out in this game. She has to evict Kalia, even thought it’s true she stepped up in this game, and Rachel does respect her. 

Talking to Julie Chen after her eviction, Kalia tells her that she believes her downfall in this game is trusting the wrong people at the worst time. She really thought “newbies to the end” meant that. This whole season it was them as underdogs, and she feels the veterans really wanted to be the dream crushers. She just wanted them to be able to beat the veterans.

Remember that fortune teller that Shelly begged to talk to her or spit out something to help her for three hours? She finally broke her silence last week. Porsche heard her, then rallied everyone to see what was going on. The fortune teller starts spitting out fortunes of the evicted houseguests every few hours during the night, some of them really funny, such as “Jeff will be last seen wandering the Chicago streets muttering only two words, ‘Clown shoes.'”

Of course, this information comes into play later on. For the Head of Household competition, the houseguests are asked a series of questions about the fortunes they heard. They have to answer true or false, and the person with the most correct after six questions will be the next HoH. Adam wins, getting all six right, while Porsche had a measly two. This is why they voted out Kalia. They knew this was the type of challenge she would rock. She would have most likely ended up tied with Adam after the six questions. 

With Kalia off to join the others in the jury house, it turns out it’s not all that cozy of a situation, and her arrival is only going to make it worse. When Shelly showed up, it was apparent that Jeff was still very angry at her. He’s not willing to let it go, as the fortune teller’s words come immediately to mind. Shelly tries to explain, saying if she got down to the final three with him and Jordan, he wouldn’t have bothered then to remember all he’d done for her and vice versa, and he would have quickly dumped her and taken Jordan to the final two. Kalia is going to be a sight for sore eyes for both her and Daniele. Sure, they would have wanted her to get to the end. But they need to outnumber Jeff a little and tone down his pissiness.

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