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Big Brother 13, Sept. 7 – Floaters Don't Need Their Life Jackets

For the past week there hasn’t been much uncertainty over what will happen on this thirteenth season of Big Brother. Once the Head of Households have been set, it was clear who would be nominated, with the only question being if one of them would win veto to save themselves. After that, there’s no question which of the two nominees will be evicted. 

This round was no different. With Rachel as Head of Household, she was obviously going to keep her alliance safe and nominate Porsche and Kalia. The only question after this was who would win power of veto. Obviously Porsche and Kalia would take themselves off of the block if they won, and Rachel and Jordan would keep the nominations the same if they won.

However, Adam is a floater, he’s been going back and forth between the veterans and the newbies. No one, including the rest of the house, really knows which side he truly sides with. If he sides with the veterans, he leaves the nominations as is, but if he sides with the newbies, he can take one of them off, meaning Rachel would have no choice but to put Jordan up. Then the two voting would be Adam and whoever he saved. They could knock Jordan out of the game easily.

Asked why he would even entertain the thought, Adam admits it would be purely for “[bleep] and giggles.” Jordan feels she carried him all the way to the final five, so doesn’t feel he should be stabbing her in the back like that simply for the jollies of it. Of course, she felt the same about Shelly, and was stabbed in the back, so that has to be weighing on her mind.

It all definitely makes for a tense PoV ceremony. It’s a comp we’ve seen in every season, and just has a different, as well as odd, theme. It’s the comp where the houseguests hear a clue, then have to run out and find something that matches it in the yard, then bring it back up a slippery slope. This time it’s a shark who will be giving them the clues, and it’s “pies” they will be retrieving. I’m not sure how that all goes together.

Jordan is the first out, saying she feels like “such a loser.” For the second time she has been in the Big Brother house, she is being carried all the way to the finale with a strong alliance, and without the ability to win comps. Rachel is the next out out, as she realizes she needs to put all her eggs in Adam’s basket if she has any hope of keeping the nominations the same. Kalia is the next out, and she, too, feels like a “complete and utter failure.” She hides her head in her shirt and sobs. Porsche gets the next clue mixed up, leading to Adam winning the power of veto. Kalia knows she now has to put her faith in someone’s hands who hates getting dirt on his hands.

After the competition, Kalia enters the toilet area of the bathroom and continues sobbing. She knows she is the the target, and that Adam most likely won’t use the veto, because “he never makes any kind of big moves in this game.” She later approaches him selling the point that they’ve been saying “newbies no matter what til the end of the game.” She tries to explain to him that Rachel and Jordan are going to take each other to the end, but if he takes her or Porsche off the block and votes Jordan out, neither Kalia or Porsche will put him up on the block.  He’s non-committal at best, leading Kalia to admit that normally she “can sell water to a fricking well.”

While everyone is worried over what Adam really will do, there isn’t too much real doubt in any of their minds. Confirming this, he doesn’t use the PoV. He announces that his actions show he’s a man of his word, and he knows Porsche and Kalia are upset with his decisions, but “you have to respect it.” Umm, no they don’t. You’ve led a very unrespectful game and haven’t ever been a man of your word, being very wishy washy. You plan in the beginning was to pretend to be on the veterans’ side while stabbing them in the back, but once you saw that them winning continual HoHes, you decided to ride that gravy train as far as you could while still promising “newbies to the end.”

At the eviction ceremony, Porsche thanks her four fellow houseguests, knowing she’s a tough one to put up with. She also notes she enjoyed napping with Kalia, which probably isn’t what she should be pointing out right now. She tells Adam his Tori Spelling addiction is amazing, and Jordan that she’s sweet and really pure. She addresses the ups and downs she’s had with Rachel.

Kalia knows this is what’s getting her evicted, but states she’s never going to go out without a fight. She pleads with Adam to start playing like an All-Star and stop playing like a fan. She tells Jordan she is so happy to be able to be her friend, but the hardest thing was not playing with her. She asks them to vote with their hearts, saying she’s kept her word the entire game. Would people stop saying that? It is so not true. If she’d done that, she wouldn’t be giving a speech right now. She tells Porsche she loves her and to make the “Moon Palace” happen. She also tells Rachel that she can’t keep complaining about putting people out who aren’t playing the game if she keeps doing it. 


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