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Home of Britney Spears! The Simple Life 2 – Episode 5

Louisiana – The girls are off to stay with the Mequet family; mom and dad, brother (18, which is legal enough for Nicole) and daughter (who mom is going to make sure doesn’t learn anything ‘fancy’ from Paris and Nicole)…they live on a swamp, and ya know, that would be a shock to my system as well!

Jenny, daughter of the Mequet family, just wants the girls to take her shopping for her ‘date’. According to mom, Jenny will fit in well with the girls – she likes make-up, hair, etc. Off to the mall they go, with mom’s credit card and a $75 limit.

New ‘sticks’/heels for Jenny, and Paris does her best to teach her how to walk the runway. $489 later, Paris feels bad, but Nicole feels there is no price on beauty. Paris and Nicole are teaching Jenny bad habits! After she gets home, Jenny is told she has to take her clothing back, but, gets to keep the make-up set.

Off to their next job – Mr. Bradley (and son BOO BOO!) is waiting on the docks for them, cutting bait. The girls are going crawfishing!!

Paris and Nicole are put to work right away, cutting bait for the traps. Off they go on the water, bugs flying in their faces, loading up the traps (overloading according to Boo Boo) – they were supposed to do 65 traps, but only did 25. The next day, they’ll have to get a full bag of crawfish – they get to keep the money they earn for the crawfish. But, according to Mr. Bradley, the more bait in a trap, does not mean more crawfish to be caught. He’s expecting them to get about 450+ crawfish to fill the bag…based on the number of traps they put down, that’s NOT going to happen (max 15 per trap according to Mr. Bradley).

While the traps sit and wait overnight, the girls are off to a “crawfish bowl”…except Nicole is sick, and Paris is all on her own. She does NOT enjoy the food! But then the scheming begins and Paris gets her idea for the week…she starts loading her extra large purse full of cooked crawfish, the only difference is the colour – maybe Nicole isn’t the bad one after all?!?

The next morning, Nicole is worried that they won’t get the job done…and then Paris reveals her surprise…smelly crawfish that sat in her purse over night!!

Boo Boo takes them out the next morning, and while Nicole distracts dear Boo Boo with compliments and flirting, Paris fills the sack with her stash! The sack is FULL and Boo Boo is impressed (and apparently, not quite the avid-pro-lifetime-fishing-crawfisherman he claimed to be!)!

They sell the bag to a local, for $78. Hugs for Boo Boo and they’re off, having pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes! Naw, not really, the locals do actually figure it out as the girls drive off in their pink pick-up truck…

That night, back at the Mequet’s, Paris and Nicole are asked to chaperone Jenny’s date. No perfume, no heels, no kissing, rules, rules, rules…13 years old, first date, mom and dad are nervous – and stupid to leave them with Nicole and Paris. Nicole proclaims; “lets get slutty”. Hair, make-up, and do’s and don’t’s…do be cute, don’t be a slut. Mixed messages Nicole!

Matthew, the date, arrives! The girls drill him, feed him the compliments he should use with Jenny, and then threaten his life! :Jenny comes in, looking all ‘city’ in heels, short skirt and hair and make-up to the nines. Classic 13 year olds, they sit quietly on the couch together…uncomfortable in their own skin. Paris and Nicole decide to ‘save the day’ ; ‘lets go froggin’’. The most kissing on the date; Nicole and Paris kissing a frog (and no Prince appears).

After oohing and ahhing over how cute the kids were, Nicole’s parting words; “she’ll be pregnant in 6 months”.

1784 miles to go…


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