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Project Runway 9, Episode 5 – Of Artists and Avant-Garde

Heidi then calls Kimberly, Anya, Bryce, Becky, and Viktor. She congratulates them for making it to the next round. The other six designers have the highest and lowest scores between them, and therefore have to face the judges. They start with Josh M., who describes his painting as a “toxic tree.” Heidi likes how he’d painted the skirt. Michael likes the texture of the clothes, but not the styling or hair, which he thinks should have been dialed down.

Josh C. tells the judges that his artist liked wolves, and about how he wanted to showcase the wolf’s exposed heart. Michael thinks the outfit looks more like that of a cock-tail waitress than anything avant-garde. Kenneth dislikes the proportions and Heidi thinks the outfit looks like something a hooker would wear.

Bert tells the judges that he was trying to avoid simplicity. He was also using the colors and shapes in his painting. Michael doesn’t think it’s modern. Heidi does likes it, but Zanna does not. Kenneth finds the look confusing.

Laura explains that Kai had painted a picture of a rose with thorns. Kenneth likes the corset with the sheer gown. (So that’s what the black bits under the bodice were!) Heidi likes the color, while Michael is indifferent to the look.

Olivier tells the judges that his artist likes blue and is inspired by dreams. Heidi dislikes it, saying the colors aren’t as vibrant as the ones in the painting. Zanna likes the top, but finds the rest boring. Kenneth thinks there’s too much going on.

Last up is Anthony, who tells the judges that he had patterned his dress after the brush-strokes in his painting. Heidi loves the dress, calling it simple but powerful. Michael also likes it, while Kenneth thinks it looks too home-made. Zanna thinks it’s cool.

The judges then dismiss everybody so they can have their chat. They start with the designers they’d liked, such as Josh M., who had made a cool skirt. The judges like how he’d painted his skirt and then paired a somber skirt with a very bright top. Laura had done a good job of mixing hard and soft. The judges considered the corset a good stand-in for a rose stem. Anthony had made a beautiful, interesting dress that was a good interpretation of brush strokes.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Olivier’s dress didn’t work. It was drab and had too many random layers. Josh C.’s dress was also boring; the harness was the only interesting piece. Bert’s outfit looked like a Teletubby. It was surprising, but not in a good way.

After the judges finish deliberating, Heidi announces the winner: Anthony. Josh M., Laura, and Bert are all in, leaving Olivier and Josh C. in the bottom two. Josh C.’s look was mundane, while Olivier’s had construction issues. Josh C. is the one sent home.

Next week: Yet another team challenge. The designers work in teams of five. Josh M. and Bert fight.

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