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Cristian de la Fuente, Guest-Star on Syfy’s “Haven”

Cristian de la Fuente (Dancing with the Stars, In Plain Sight) recently guest-starred on the successful Syfy series “Haven,” one filled with troubles and everyday mysteries. The series is based on renowned author Stephen King’s novella “The Colorado Kid,” and is currently in production in Nova Scotia. The episode, which aired September 2nd, titled “Friend of Faux,” found Cristian causing all sorts of trouble on the series. The stars of the show include Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Lucas Bryant, who live in the real-life puzzle that is Haven, Maine.

During a conference call, Cristian discussed his character and what the future will bring for him. In true Syfy fashion, Cristian plays Cornell, a man battling with his good and evil thoughts. The Haven question becomes if he is actually a twin or a figment of his own imagination. It is quite tricky and plays with the mind a bit. Cornell is dealing with this secret and finds that one day he wakes up and is fine and the next day evil. It has a bit of a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde effect happening.

Cristian started acting when he was 18. He grew up in a very traditional family, and his father wanted him to become an engineer, to have a degree and a reliable job. Cristian did wind up going to college to be an engineer, then decided one day that he wanted to be an actor. He followed his dream, and as they say, “the rest is history.”

The challenges that Cristian dealt with involve him speaking a different language being a native of Chile. He started working in dramatic roles, then wanted to continue working in sitcoms. He was switching back and forth from English to Spanish. So what made Cristian decide to guest star on Haven? Cristian met the producers quite some time ago while working on another project. The producers pitched the character to him, and he was instantly ready to go. He was ready to play this character and bring on the villain.

Playing a twin became difficult because this had been something Cristian had never done before. He credits technology for making it slightly easier. It is something actors do not get to do very often unless they are working with a mirror. Cristian felt it was a great experience and was very happy to be able to have been a part of the series.

Cristian said he was able to relate to Cornell because deep down, we all have our crazy sides. Each one of us is unique and the mixture of personalities made Cornell relatable. He played the evil Cornell opposite of how he felt the good Cornell would be. It turned out to very effective for him.

Haven has become a signature Friday night show for so many viewers and Sci-Fi fans. The series takes you to all the unknown places we wonder about. Cristian feels viewers tune in every week because there is a magic to the series. Everything is surprising, and there are twists and turns that make it unpredictable. You never know what will happen next. Haven has become the go-to series that viewers rely on for the predictable happenings in life.

Cristian dished on his fellow cast member, Eric Balfour (Duke), saying he met him before, so it was nice for him not to be a complete stranger on set. He also fell in love with the chemistry the cast has. The cast made him feel like part of the family. He loved being in Nova Scotia and joked that he never ate so much lobster in his life. It reminded him of the South of Chile where he is from. It is beautiful and the people were very friendly.

With the supernatural aspect of Haven, Cristian said he never had a personal experience with the supernatural, but his wife has had a few. He would rather just believe that the supernatural exist, and in Chile there are many things that have happened, and it continues to make Cristian’s beliefs stronger.

Cristian is an adrenaline junkie. When he lived in Chile, he was a firefighter, and now is a Lieutenant in the Chilean Air Force, flying with a robotic team. He loves to water ski and participates in a lot of sports. As for the social networks, Cristian is a part of that world and believes that as an actor, it is a great way to keep in touch with people that see your work. The feedback means a lot to him, and he feels like the fans have become “virtual friends.” He is going on quite a journey and feels it is a lot of fun for him to bring his fans along for the ride.

Cristian has an amazing future ahead of him and continues to work. His next project will be for a series called “Profugos” on HBO Latin America that premiered September 4th. It was produced in Chile by his production company. He plays a politician, maybe not as mysterious as Cornell on Haven, but he is excited about it. He is also open to having a reoccurring role on Haven, always up for new things and elite challenges. Cristian enjoyed playing this character and loved being bad, even if it was just for the show, but did an amazing job.
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