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Big Brother 13, Sept. 4 – No Drama Left

Really all the drama that was to be had in Sunday night’s Big Brother occurred in the first ten minutes. If you caught that drama, you don’t need to watch the rest. It was all pretty much set at that point what would happen in the rest of the episode. There was no need for me to take copious notes while watching. I knew exactly what was going to happen. However, if you turned it off at that moment, you missed the exciting celebrity guest, and no, Mr. Pectacular, I’m not talking about you.

Thursday night’s episode ended with another cliffhanger in the Head of Household competition. They seem to have done that often this season. The houseguests had thirteen minutes to get as many donuts as they could on stand. They had to crawl through some goop that every single one of them complained about, land in some giant sprinkles, grab a donut off a table, then run it back to the other side again. Thursday’s episode ended after we saw Rachel take an early lead.

Rachel, the scientist, was the smart one, as she knew she should stay on her knees going throughout the goop in order to avoid getting it on her clothing. She realized it would make her heavier and slow her down. She and Adam ran a tight race, although she seemed ahead throughout most of it. Jordan and Kalia were also-rans. After watching the earlier comps from when the duos were still in place, we all knew Kalia wasn’t going to even come close to winning it, and she didn’t.

It was Rachel who won this competition, leaving no guesses as to who her nominees would be. She and Jordan have remained close throughout, so there was no way she would nominate her. She was going after the two people who have gone after her when they were HoH, Porsche and Kalia. And really, the only reason why Adam has never gone after her is because he has done nothing the whole game but ride coattails. The other reason Shelly was evicted last week over him is that she road coattails until she realized she wouldn’t win that way, then went for a big game move, one that would have worked had Porsche not opened up Pandora’s Box.

Pandora’s Box was the only other exciting moment of this episode. This was the second week in a row with an HoH getting a Pandora’s Box option. Rachel knew the consequences, that she could get something great, and the rest of the house not, just like last week, but went for it anyway. Unfortunately for her, it worked in reverse. She got something not, and the rest of the house got something great.

This was the Big Brother shopping spree, where they get a few minutes to spend amongst racks and racks of clothes and bring back all that they can wear or carry. It seems the only purpose of this is so that we can see them wearing something else other than what we’ve seen them in for the past sixty-plus days. Mostly this is great for Porsche this year, as frankly I’m tired of seeing that pink track suit, whether she wears both pieces, or pairs them with other clothing.

Rachel didn’t get to do that shopping, though. She got to go shopping and pick out Mr. Pectacular, aka as former player Jessie Godderz, swag. There were plates, cups, water bottles, t-shirts, etc. Rachel was ohso thrilled. The rest of the house got to meet a celebrity too. Tori Spelling, the subject of Adam’s fantasies, paid a visit to the house. She is very pregnant and due in a month-and-a-half, but was a good sport throughout, even telling Adam she was a fan and had been watching. Adam had just admitted to Jordan before that that his girlfriend doesn’t like it when he calls her “Donna Martin” in bed. Gee, really?

The episode ended with the dramaless nomination ceremony, where Rachel, who sometimes plays dumb, but definitely isn’t, put Porsche and Kalia on the block. Adam is probably the only person left who she would definitely win against. Jordan is already a winner, so Rachel might win over her as well in a final two. Porsche is well-liked by veterans and newbies, so I think keeping her is a risk. However, she’s a good physical player and could possibly win the first leg of the HoH. Kalia, though, is a good quiz-taker, and she could win in the final leg of the HoH, the all-important one, and is a good friend to some on the jury, mostly Dani. Rachel took the safe route, sticking with her alliance, and putting Porsche and Kalia on the block. Absolutely no one was shocked.

Everything now comes down to the veto. If Porsche or Kalia win, they will surely pull themselves off the block. However, even with Adam as a replacement, he still won’t be voted out, as Rachel would break any tie. No one else will change the nominations if they win veto. Between Kalia and Porsche, it will probably be Kalia voted out. On a special Wednesday night elimination episode, look to see either Porsche or Kalia evicted, leaving us with a final four, with another person being voted out just one night later.

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