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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 2 – This One’s A Lemon

Winning Teams – Matt and Carlos Teams. Rebecca is crying. Boy, it’s only episode 2! Carlos’ team worked well togetherand Gail was very fond of Rebecca’s cake richness. Matt’s team was complicated but well-executed. Theoden was pleased to see the building motif, and Braun liked the cardamom and called Matt the King of Lemon Desserts. Matt’s team wins.

Losing Teams – Rock and Orlando Teams. Orlando’s was visually disconnected and sloppy, and Baby Hands’ drum was messy. Theoden found La Paz’s work professional and, good for La Paz, he refused to throw Baby Hands under the bus and said he loved the drum. Gail found Rock’s team’s cake immature and Elvis said Katzie’s was gummy and chewy. Theoden said Rock made his favorite cake of the challenge. Braun said that Vanarin needed to up the flavor by volumes.

The question came down to whether it was better to have a broekn cake or an ugly cake. Elvis thinks if he was a paying customer he’d be upset with a broken cake. It came down to Katzie (mushy), Baby Hands (childish) and Vanarin (weak). Vanarin gets knocked out and Elvis piles on by mocking his claim for being a flavor guy and calls him underwhelming and amateurish. Bye Bye, Tamarin…or Vanarin. Whatever. He’s gone.

Quickfire Hits
• Good for Rebecca for not pulling a Jamie and bailing before a challenge thanks to a small injury.
• Was Orlando picking his ear during a confessional? For someone so acutely aware of the camera, that’s a pretty big mistake.
• Orlando got mad about Braun judging on a personal level. Point. But of course, isn’t all judging subjective on some level?
• Thanks to Carlos for creating a new word – Blockets. Nice.
• Also, thanks to his problems with English, Rebecca thinks their cake may look like the “Door to the Twilight Zone.” I think I saw that one.
• Vanarin’s parents escaped Pol Pot in Cambodia?!?! Man. If you don’t know about this evil, google it. I won’t waste valuable space on those monsters.
• I would give good money if Carlos put PCP in his food, instead of “pastry crème powder.”
• Did Katzie use the expression, “heavy as a pile of poop?” That one is new to me.
• Megan says that heat is the enemy of cakes. I think that it may be children’s birthday parties.
• Katzie thinks there was too much glitter. So much glitter.
• Extra scene – Baby Hands used Macho 1’s recipe. Badly. Not sure if I am happy for her, or sad for her.

Next week – A Real Housewife shows up. Kill me now.

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