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Big Brother 13, Sept. 1 – Fool Me Once …

Rachel thinks Brendon will be “Shoo-ooocked” to see Daniele and Jeff walk into the jury house next. Indeed, Brendon is sitting in the jury house all by himself picking oranges, studying, and playing ping pong by himself, crowning himself the Mayor of Jury Town USA. While he’d be super-excited to see Rachel walk throughout he door next, he’d really like to see Dani walk in. 

Dani does walk in next, and announces, “Shockerrr!” making him very happy. It’s a little uncomfortable for her, as she evicted him twice, and now has to live with him. She explains Jeff won the HoH and backdoored her, which Brendon feels is a little of her own medicine. She tells him she’s not used to being in the jury house, unlike him. He asks if she wants Jeff to come through the door next, and the bitter part of her admits absolutely. Yet, she’d rather have it be Adam, because he’s not really playing the game and will do whatever Jeff wants. She figures Jeff’s back must hurt because Adam won’t get off it.

Jeff does walk in and asks if their old alliance is still good. It’s a bit of a surprise to Brendon, but Dani is excited and calls it karma. She still tries to tell him she was going to keep him and the rest of his alliance safe. He explains the rest of the double eviction, saying Kalia won HoH, and Shelly voted him out. Dani realizes the entire jury is there so far because of her. Watching the PoV, Jeff realizes there was a clown shoe sitting next to the box. They watch Porsche say she’s keeping the nominations as is, because “it’s what “Daniele would have wanted.” 

Jeff can’t get past the clown shoe issue. He’s pissed that it was what decided his fate. He’s always hated clowns, and now really hates them, enough to not even have birthday parties for his future kids. He’d like Shelly out next, as he thinks she pinpointed him as her biggest threat in the house. He thinks Rachel probably won the next HoH, but Dani thinks it will be Jordan or Porsche. If Jordan does pull it off, Jeff feels him being voted out would have happened for a reason.

Going back live, Julie has a private conversation with Porsche, who does regret opening Pandora’s Box. She did have the numbers and felt secure with her newbie team. However, it did help her and Kalia get a little extra money. She’s not sure what the status is of her final four deal with Kalia, Jordan, and Rachel, as that was set up before she opened Pandora’s Box. They haven’t even filled her in on how they’ll be voting this week. For final two, she wants it to be decided on game only, and not veteran or newbie status, so wants to sit next to another newbie.

Shelly gets a chance to say a few things to the people voting, and first speaks of the best alliance, meaning the one with her husband and daughter, She then only speaks to Jochel, not addressing the only other voter, Kalia, at all. She tells them they need to pick someone who’s gong to run with them  the entire game. She would like to put the past behind them, as it’s in the present where they’ll cast their votes. She is with them 100%, and they need to think about who they want in the final two chairs. Adam is saving the whole long speech he wanted to say about wizards and dragons, meaning he’s she he’s not being evicted. He just mentions this being his dream and advises the those voting to vote how they want to.

Jochel ultimately votes Shelly out. Julie notes how much of a fighter she is, even offering up her ring this week. Shelly knows her big move last week sunk her. It hurt like crazy to do that to Jeff and Jordan, but to get to the end, you have to move people out of the way. She didn’t think she’d have the chance again with Jeff not playing in the HoH. Her fear was if she waited too long, they would never take her to the end. She’s worried about facing Jeff in the jury house. Looking at how she hurt Jeff and Jordan, ten minutes after she voted him out, she regretted that decision. 

Julie brings up how badly Shelly felt early in the game. She didn’t want her daughter to see her lying, since she makes her daughter write sentences when caught lying. Julie asks how big of a wall are they going to need for Shelly to write sentences after this last week. They could be still calculating it.

In Shelly’s goodbye messages, Adam tells her she was a great player, yet she played herself out of the game. Porsche doesn’t know how the house would have stayed clean without Shelly. She had a great motherly instinct, telling Porsche when her skirt was too short or her bathing suit too sexy. No matter what the others say, she thinks she’s a great woman. Kalia thanks Porsche for being a friend and a mom away from home for her. 

Rachel tells Shelly she’s engaged, so knows rings, and that ring is definitely not worth a half million. She tried to play the game and be everyone’s mother. “What’s that? I can’t here your mothelyr advice. You were evicted.” Jordan never would have thought someone as nice as her would have turned on her and Jeff, which is why she got so mad. Yet, she was raised to never disrespect her elders. Wow. That’s a slam! Although, I don’t think Jordan meant it that way.

For the HoH challenge, the houseguests have to make their way through a “gooey donut glaze,” going under a giant rolling pin and spoon, and through the pit of “sprinkles” to the table of donuts at the opposite end of the yard. They’ll have a baker’s dozen thirteen minutes to bring as many donuts back as possible, yet one at a time. 

We don’t get to see the end of the challenge, but Rachel looks to be running away with it in the first few moments. It only stands to reason, as she’s one of the only two physical players still in the game, and the other one isn’t playing in the competition because of being outgoing HoH. Find out on Sunday who won and who they nominate for eviction. Wednesday will be special eviction episode, followed by another one one Thursday, which will determine the final three.

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