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Big Brother 13, Sept. 1 – Fool Me Once …

It’s day 62, and even Shelly is calling her chances of staying this week slim to none because of Porsche opening Pandora’s Box. She’s been working Rachel and Jordan since the moment she knew she was in trouble and believes it might be working well for her. Adam can only say it sucks, and that he hates it. He doesn’t know if he or Shelly is the target, but knows he needs to start kissing some veteran butt. Porsche says she had no other choice but to nominate them.. A trained monkey could have done her job. She’s so upset, she hasn’t even drank her champagne yet. “No reason for celebration.”

Jordan and Rachel meet up in the diary room, with Jordan announcing, “Guess what, Newbies? Double Trouble is back!” Racheltells them if they thought Brenchel was coming for them, they now have Jochel to deal with. She can’t wait to see Shelly groveling at her feet. 

Shelly needs to take a little time by herself to figure out what her next move is. She’s not ready to go to the jury house. In the purple room, she notices the Fortune Teller moving, so starts pushing buttons trying to get it to do something. In other seasons, there have been special powers in the house, and she can’t figure out why there would be a fortune teller, if it wasn’t to give someone a fortune or magic power. She sits in that room for three hours staring, poking, and begging the fortune teller, and finally admits the joke must be on her.

Sitting outside with Rachel later, Shelly sweet talks her a little, saying she’s just sitting there thinking of all the stuff Rachel has won. If she can convince Rachel to keep her, she knows she’ll get Jordan, and then doesn’t need a fortune teller. She tells Rachel she can use her to get where she wants to go, and that she’d be crazy not to use her like that. She knows Adam won’t protect her and Jordan. Unlike Adam, Rachel knows Shelly has played the game and at least tried. 

Rachel understands everything Shelly is saying and what she has been doing the whole time. She has more respect for that then someone who has been protected the whole time and just floated through. It’s the only reason she’s even entertaining this conversation. But, she doesn’t know if Shelly would put her on the block if she won HoH. Shelly offers Rachel her “Past, Present, and Future” diamond ring, saying she’ll let her hold onto it to prove herself, as she’s not about to let her walk out of the house with it. It’s really just a cubic zirconia, though. Rachel is seriously considering this offer, as she knows Shelly has been manipulating and lying, but she’s also been playing the game, one which Rachel thinks could be the best of anyone in the house. 

Rachel takes this proposition to Jordan and suggests keeping Shelly, because she’s a much larger target than Adam. He happens to walk in right after this and tells them they have to make the toughest decision so far. He’s been true to them and wats to go to final four with them. Jordan feels like they’ve genuinely helped and saved him and doesn’t want him turning his back on them. 

Adam knows he might not be the best game player, but is willing to promise them anything to keep him. Rachel considers him the ultimate definition of a floater. He goes with the power, and is only going to be on their side until he’s not on their side. She knows he’s only going to do what’s best for his own game and thinks he’s playing everyone.

Rachel and Jordan talk to Shelly and tell her they don’t trust her and feel like she backstabbed them. They need someone to stick with them and not play sides. Rachel really doesn’t think Jordan exacting revenge on Shelly is the best move for them right now. Shelly  knows she hurt Jordan incredibly, and asks for her forgiveness. Jordan tells her, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool, me twice, shame on me.” 

Really pushing this Shelly thing, Rachel tells Jordan the argument for keeping Shelly is that Kalia and Porsche don’t like her. The logical thing to do here is to keep your enemies in the game. Jordan knows Rachel has been right about everything so far, and feels she’s made some really bad decisions. It makes her wonder if she’s now playing personal or play strategic.

Going live Thursday night, Julie Chen asks Jordan for her interpretation of Rachel. She tells her Rachel is a handful and very entertaining. You never get bored with her. Asked her first impression on Pandora’s Box, Kalia answers she thought if it was good for Porsche, she could only imagine what was about to happen to the rest of the house. So her thought was, “Oh Girl, I hope it was worth it.”

Shelly’s week comes down to it being the most difficult for her. You have to make game moves, and in the house people do things differently than they would be outside the house. Jordan was so hurt, and she adores her. It crushed her and pained her to see Jordan upset. Adam doesn’t see himself so much as the only man left in the house, but the sexiest man to ever play Big Brother. More seriously, he says he has a lot of female friends outside the house, so he’s used to being with all these girls. 


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