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Teen Mom, Season 3, Episode 8 – Moving right along …

This week’s episode begins with Maci and Kyle taking Bentley to daycare for the first time, because Maci is worried that he’s not spending enough time around other kids. Does Ryan count? Inside the room full of adorable kiddos, Maci is proven right as Bentley clings to her and cries when they sit on the floor for “circle time”. Bentley stays in his mama’s lap and some random little girl is sitting in Kyle’s lap. Is that weird? Bentley starts to warm up to the room and plays with dinosaurs and other kids. A little.

Maci and Kyle try to leave, and Bentley freaks out. When they walk out the door, Bentley is inconsolable and screams and cries for Mommy. Finally Kyle comes back in and stays with Bentley. It’s all very sweet, and then Maci is shown looking through the window at her boys. I know what’s coming next. Maci v/o’s that seeing Kyle with Bentley lets her know what a great dad he’ll be when they have kids of their own. Oh, boy.

Back in Lametown, Indiana … little Leah is still living with Gary, while Amber gets her new home ready for her daughter, including Leah’s very gender-riffic pink pretty princess room. Her friend from high school, Clinton, is helping her move her stuff in. Wasn’t Kyle Maci’s “friend from high school?” I wonder where this is headed …

Gary tells his mom that it’s time for Leah to go home to Amber and that the case worker will be picking her up. He tells his mom that he thinks Amber has learned her lesson, and I realize Gary is as dumb as Amber is horrible. We also see that poor, stupid Gary will genuinely miss having his daughter around all the time. He may be kind of gross, but he does love his kid.

Caitlynn and Tyler are meeting up with their adoption counselor to get their six-month update on baby Carly. I can’t wait to see pictures! We get to see some delightful pictures of 18-month old Carly, who looks more and more like Tyler all the time. Caitlynn and Tyler tell the adoption counselor that they would like to have Carly at their graduation, which is in about 6 months, right around the time Carly will be turning 2. You can see it means a lot to them and not just because they want to see her, but because they want her to see them graduate high school. I’m really proud of these two!

They decide to bring up the subject with Brandon and Theresa (Carly’s adoptive parents) via a letter, instead of a phone call, so that they don’t put them on the spot. They don’t want Brandon and Theresa to feel obligated, and want to give them the time and space to think about it. Again, with the upbringing (or lack thereof) that these two have had, they constantly amaze me with their maturity and sensitivity. They will send the letter with the Christmas presents they were already planning to send.

Farrah and Sophia are having lunch with Michael, Farrah’s dad. I still don’t get why Farrah calls him Michael and why their relationship is so weird, but whatever. Farrah tells her dad she wants to move away to pursue her bachelor’s, now that she has finished her associates in Culinary Arts and Culinary Management. Eventually she wants to open her own restaurant. When he asks her where she’s thinking of moving, she says she’s thinking of California or Arizona, where there are lots of job opportunities and warmer weather. I’m already turning down the volume of my tv in anticipation of the logical argument by a parent vs. whine-fest I’m no doubt about to be subjected to.

I’m not wrong about the conversation, but I won’t give you the boring play-by-play. There’s a lot of good points brought up by Michael, with Farrah rolling her eyes and saying snarky things back, always ending with her saying “Michael” like a bratty 2 year old.

Back at Maci and Kyle’s, Maci says to Kyle, out of nowhere, “When are we gonna make another baby?” Kyle’s appropriate response is “are you crazy?” Maci says she wants another one and suggests Kyle might want one of his own. He tells her if they get married they can have a baby. What? Maci doesn’t seem to like that plan. WHAT? I’m confused, and Maci tells Kyle that he’s ready, but he’s scared. If by ‘ready’ Maci means ‘unemployed’, then yes. They are BOTH ready.

Just to review – Maci and Kyle are both unemployed, unmarried, and raising Bentley and Maci has dropped out of college. Perfect time to talk about more babies!

Maci’s other reasons for wanting a baby: Bentley doesn’t need her anymore. She wants a little girl. She has to “give this one away half the time”. And she wants a baby with Kyle. Can Caitlynn talk some sense into this girl?

Speaking of Caitlynn, she’s getting ready to go to work (take note, Amber and Maci), while Tyler is getting ready to go shopping with his dad for Christmas gifts for Carly. Caitlynn and her mom will go shopping together later, since Butch and April (Caitlynn’s mom) still aren’t allowed to have contact.