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Project Runway 9, Episode 4 – Team Drama and Team Disasters

The judges then start with Anthony, who tells them who had made what. He tells the judges that he and Laura had worked well together, but Bert had wanted nothing to do with them. Bert denies this charge. Anthony goes on to say that he doesn’t like Bert’s outfit and adds that it looks like something a cocktail waitress at a diner might wear. Heidi latches onto this comment and ask Anthony where his model might be going, and he admits, “Nowhere.” Nina comments that Anthony’s look resembles pajamas. Michael jeers that Anthony had achieved the impossible, by making shorts that were both too big and too tight. Erin considers Bert’s outfit to be sophisticated, and Heidi deems it the only good outfit from the team. Laura’s vest was a nice try, but it fell short.

After that, Team Joshua has to face the judges. Heidi comments that they seem to have used the extra time to “Bedazzle” their garments. She does like Anya’s dress, though. She doesn’t like Joshua M.’s sheer, shredded vest, but she does like his top. Nina thinks Becky’s miniskirt is too tight and that her shirt is too short. Becky agrees with this assessment — and Joshua M. tells says he’d done the actual designing. He’d chosen Becky for her sewing skills, not her designing skills. He’d picked Anya for that. Erin and Michael agree that at least Team Joshua M. had a coherent collection, unlike Team Anthony.

Team Anthony and Team Joshua are then sent backstage, while the other two teams have to face the judges. Team Viktor is up first, and Viktor explains how he’d divided the labor. Heidi tells Viktor that his dress and motorcycle jacket were her favorites, and Erin and Michael agree that the ensemble looks expensive. On the other hand, nobody likes Olivier’s “farm” skirt. Nina and Erin like the leather holster straps on Josh C.’s t-shirt.

Onto Team Bryce. Michael praises Bryce’s dress, saying that it could work with either sneakers or heels. He hates Danielle’s droopy tank, and Heidi believes that Danielle is repeating herself. Erin comments the lining looks like an exposed bra. Nina doesn’t understand why there’s a turquoise piece in the first place and Bryce states they wanted an “off-color” part of the collection. Erin thinks the jacket should have been the stand-out piece.

The judges then dismiss everybody so they can have their chat. Anthony’s team was a mess. Anthony and Laura got so wrapped up in their conflicts with Bert they made sub-par clothes, and Anthony’s look was the worst. The judges praise Joshua M. for having the wit to pick one woman for her vibe and the other for her sewing ability– and I’d say they’re about half right. Yes, it makes sense that Joshua M. would want somebody who could compensate for Anya’s limitations as a seamstress. No, he does not have the right to bully or demean somebody. The judges praise Team Viktor’s output and decree that Olivier’s skirt was the only weak link. Team Bryce produced a great dress, but Danielle’s shirt was horrible. The judges note that chiffon and silk are not appropriate materials for sporty attire.

The judges argue over who should go. Anthony’s piece was the worst of the evening, but Danielle has been bad in many of the challenges. She also repeats herself.

The judges then call the designers back in. Heidi announces that both Viktor and Joshua M. won. They can sell their winning designs on Amazon.com. All of their teammates are in. Bert, Laura, Kimberly, and Bryce are also in, leaving Anthony and Danielle in the bottom two. Danielle had made another boring chiffon top, while Anthony simply fell apart. Anthony is in, despite Heidi’s objections, and Danielle is out.

Okay, this decision doesn’t make sense. Danielle definitely was due to leave, but TWO winners?! The judges couldn’t pick one?! Also, how is it that Joshua M. deserved the win? He didn’t make that dress; Anya did. Viktor and Danielle had both made their looks. Viktor was the most clear-cut winner, as he had both led his team and made a winning look. By any standard, he deserved his win. Joshua M. only deserved to win if the rules specified that the team captain was responsible for their team’s success or failure. By that logic, though, Anthony should have gone instead of Danielle. On the other hand, if team members were responsible for the success for the success or failure of their own designs, the judges were quite right to send Danielle home– but Anya, not Joshua M. should have won. It looks like we’re seeing the same inconsistent judging that had plagued last season.

Next week: The designers visit a school and Tim calls out somebody for taping clothes to their model.

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