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Project Runway 9, Episode 4 – Team Drama and Team Disasters

Finally, Heidi and Tim stop by Team Joshua M. Heidi points out the paneled dress they’ve made has been done many times on the show. She and Tim do like another dress, and advise them to base their work around it. Tim is horrified when he learns that Becky has had no creative input into the designs and has merely been sewing. He warns her that the other two could trivialize her efforts and throw her under the bus if they lose.

Heidi then announces that she can see everybody is behind and thus gives an extra five hours to finish their designs. I’m not sure how many people can sew straight until 4 a.m., but the contestants have to take whatever wiggle room they can get.

Becky tries again to prove that she’s a designer in her own right, and not just a seamstress, but Joshua M. blows her off and calls her designs “dowdy.” She walks away in tears, and Anya and Joshua M. follow her to the sewing room. Joshua M. loftily announces that he is not going to get involved in her drama — which further demonstrates what a clueless twerp he is. Dude, there wouldn’t have been any drama in the first place if you’d treated her with a little civility in the first place! He then goes on that he is not going to console her and snappishly orders her to take a nap if she’s tired. Might I point out that Joshua M. is at least 10 years younger than Becky and could have likely benefitted from her experience?

Another thing to consider is that many of the other designers saw this. Those of you who follow Project Runway on Facebook will find a snippet depicting the fight — and some of the other designers’ reactions to it. All of them agree that Joshua was out of line, and Kimberly goes so far as to call him a bully. If there’s another team challenge, Joshua M. could be in for a well-deserved comeuppance. If he bullies somebody like Becky in the real world, he could also end up in trouble.

Becky retreats to the bathroom to cry in private, and Anya follows her to try and comfort her. Joshua M. late comes in to offer a (probably) insincere apology, pleading fatigue.

The models come in for their fitting. Team Joshua considers putting a red stripe on everything to create a note of unity. The designers then go home at 4 a.m.

Next morning, Anthony DR’s that he feels sick. At the workroom, Tim sends in the models, and Bert is sewing something. Joshua M., who has apparently had another dose of Jackass Pills, lights into him for taking “his” machine. Bert angrily points out that the sewing machines do not have nametags and there’s a whole room of them to choose from. Since we’re talking about Bert and Joshua M. here, there’s naturally a lot of yelling and name-calling. It’s funny: Season 8 dug up some extremely unlikeable women; this season is giving us a bunch of badly-behaved guys who apparently have never learned to work with others. As far as I can tell, the only males who have not been depicted as clashing with somebody are Joshua C. and Olivier.

After the models get their hair and make-up done, everybody heads to the runway. Heidi welcomes Joshua C. back to the competition , and introduces the guest judge, Erin Wasson, a model and designer.

Team Viktor is up first. Viktor himself made a black motorcycle jacket and paired it with a gray knee-length dress. Joshua C. sends down black pants and a grey t-shirt with an asymmetrical collar and black holster straps about the shoulders. Olivier made a sleeveless black shirt and a long, loose grey skirt.

Team Bryce goes next. Bryce himself sends down the first look, a little black dress with no sleeves. Kimberly made black shorts, a black tank top, and a blackjacket. Danielle made black shorts and a turquoise top that looks suspiciously as if it were made of her beloved chiffon. It certainly doesn’t look like denim or suede even to my admittedly untrained eye. It’s lined with some black material that just makes it look as if the model’s bra is showing, and the large scooped neckline just gives us a better look at the model’s collar bones than anybody could want.

Team Anthony is next, and their first look, courtesy of Anthony himself, is a disaster. It’s an ugly, dark gray shirt and shorts combo. The poor model is practically swimming in the oversized shirt and the shorts make her legs look bigger than they probably really are. Laura made an odd-looking beige vest that is long and flowing in the front, but cropped in the back. She also made blue shorts and a patterned light blue sleeveless shirt. Bert sends down a black miniskirt and a sleeveless blue top. It looks almost like a tie-dye job, with its many shades of blue.

Team Joshua M. is last, and Joshua M. himself sends down the first look, a long black vest, black shorts and a patterned sleeveless shirt. His shorts have a band of blue horizontal stripes down one side. Becky made a sleeveless grey shirt with black straps. She also made a black miniskirt with pale blue horizontal stripes on one side. Flush against the blue stripes are a pair of orange racing stripes. Anya sends down a long sleeveless patterned black and grey dress enlivened by orange racing stripes down the front, like the ones on Becky’s skirt.

Afterwards, Heidi comments that the looks were all over the place and that there was no clear winner or loser amongst the teams. The judges will therefore talk to all of the teams, beginning with Team Joshua M. and Team Anthony. As the other designers wait backstage, one of them notes that Heidi had called the two teams with the most conflicts.