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Q and A with Kate Mulgrew, Guest-Star of Syfy’s Warehouse 13

Kate Mulgrew recently began guest-starring on “Warehouse 13,” and during a conference call, discussed her extensive career and several of the iconic roles she has portrayed, as well as some of her theater work and her charity work, which means the world to her. Warehouse is Syfy’s most successful series to air as to date. It follows a team of secret government agents who work in a top-secret storage facility in South Dakota. The team keeps the special artifacts housed that are collected by the U.S. government. The show stars Saul Rubinek, Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Allison Scagliotti and newcomer Aaron Ashmore. The teams deal with everything from chasing supernatural and paranormal activity, and are always in search of new objects to house in the warehouse.

Kate joins this incredible ensemble cast in the episode titled “The 40th Floor,” which begins her four episode stint playing Jane. She enters as a mystical, complex character, who will reveal more secrets than viewers may be able to handle. She could not go into full details because she was “sworn to secrecy.” The audience will be in for the surprise of their lives, according to Mulgrew. She said the “ingredients were there for a perfect soufflé.” Her character becomes vitally important to the series’ already exciting run.

Kate discussed the cast and how she loved being a part of Warehouse. There was instant chemistry between her and the cast, and she feels right at home in the Sci-fi genre. She is proud of how much it changed for the better over the years. Her voice grew excited when she spoke about executive producer and showrunner Jack Kenny. There is no glass ceiling, as that has been shattered, and women are now able to play empowered characters, not being just the damsels in distress anymore. The characters are smart and have substance.

Eddie and Allison are natural actors and Saul is “one of the great actors of our generation.” She had a hard time not laughing the entire time, but when the director yelled “action,” they were all business. She loves the fact that there is lightness to her character and on the set of Warehouse. I asked Kate if there is another great Syfy series she would love to make an appearance on and she replied “Alphas,” just for the chance to work with Davis Strathairn. “I adore him.” She called Joanne Kelly a “natural confection, describing everyone with so much detail and with such adoration. She adored the camaraderie and naturalism of it all. There was a “complete relaxation” on set.

There were no dramatic challenges, but she said keeping all the secrets were her greatest challenges. She wanted to reveal more, but could not. It was nice to be able to play a character that does not have the weight of the world on her shoulders like Captain Janeway. She had so much serious responsibly compared to Jane on Warehouse, whose responsibilities are very different. She is a person, mother, and a teacher. Kate could not continue because it goes into a rather gray area of “giving too much away.”

Kate has played so many strong female lead characters and she was the first female Captain on “Star Trek: Voyager,” which still has an amazing cult following after all the years. Captain Kathryn Janeway is looked upon as a strong female lead for up-and-coming actresses. It was a seven-year franchise. As for the historic ending of the show, Kate was fully involved in everything, making Kate very proud. She started out as one of the great lead characters in which several individuals were worried she might not be able to carry the role. Even the fact that the spaceship was named Voyager on “Star Trek: Voyager” made a difference. Kate joked that we all know “Voyager is the best name for a ship.”

When asked if she had a crystal ball to look into in the beginning of her career, Kate says very bluntly that “if we all had a crystal ball, we would shoot ourselves.” She feels blessed to have played two or three of the most iconic roles in history. Now that she is older, she feels the joy in acting. When she first started, Kate felt the intense ambition to go and go.

After all these years the fans still react to Kate. She is recognized in many different roles and genres including her roles in Ryan’s Hope, Throw Momma from the Train, and of course Star Trek: Voyager. Recently she was asked to marry a couple. They informed her that “you are the Captain and fully licensed to perform the ceremony” so in good spirits, Kate did it for her fans. She has stopped watching herself, but enjoys hearing what the fans tell her and is deeply appreciative. She also still does at least four conventions a year and loves the energy of the conventions.

Kate is in the process of writing her autobiography with the help of her daughter; she is also working closely with her Alzheimer’s charity, which is near and dear to her heart due to her mother going through it. She said by 2015 there could be an epidemic, and she hopes to change that and get the awareness out there. She is so smart and incredibly wise. Kate has a fascinating demeanor. Kate’s words are all thought out, and she comes across as someone who genuinely cares about what she does and how it appears onscreen. You can find Kate on the social networks and read more about her charity work.

The legendary actress is also still working in theater. She loves it and last year she did “Cleopatra.” She advises that if you are an actress, you should definitely put in the work and play Cleopatra while you still have the energy. She is also starring in a series for the Adult Swim channel called “NTSF:SD:SUV” with creator Paul Scheer, and hopes to do more voiceovers for video games. She will also do “The Millionairess” in theatre next year.

Kate is incredibly busy and will continue working. Her smart, wise ways have kept her around for a long time. As for her advice to actors and those who are interested in becoming actors, she provided useful wisdom saying “find what you love and honor it.” Don’t forget to catch Kate guest-starring as the mysterious Jane in a four episode run of Syfy’s “Warehouse 13” on Mondays at 9PM (ET/PT).

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