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Paranormal Challenge: August 26, Linda Vista Hospital

This week, “Paranormal Challenge” took on the Linda Vista Hospital, a notorious hospital in East Los Angeles that has seen its fair share of violence and death. “Paranormal Challenge” carried on with noted historian Syd Schultz II discussing some of the events that took place at the hospital; it was sadly in the middle of many of the infamous East Los Angeles gang wars. The hospital opened its doors in 1904 and was considered to be the “pillar of the community” until the late 1970’s when the gang wars began to get severe. In the 1980’s, the hospital suffered a budget cut and turned into what some described as the “butcher shop” of hospitals. It finally shut down in 1991.

The doctors took on a lot of gunshot victims and Dr. Edwards, who was one of the doctors in the hospital, was trying to save a bullet-riddled gang member. After the man died, his fellow members shot Dr. Edwards and killed him. There is a lot of active and “aggressive” activity in the hospital.

Syd also discussed the rooms that the teams would focus on. The teams will take on the Trauma Room, in which the incident with Dr. Edwards took place in 1981. The Crematorium in the hospital, which still contains human remains, will also be investigated, but there’s no telling how many bodies are in this pit. The Psych Ward, where many patients came to detox, will also be highlighted. They came to the detox to try and get their minds clear and possibly function again. Room 323, the most active room in the entire hospital, will be gone through as well. Investigators and tourist have been scratched and felt heavy air in that room. It is the most aggressive room in the hospital.

There is a twist on the show, as Dr. Michael Shermer, who publishes the noted “Skeptic” magazine, joined the panel of judges to play a few mind games with the teams. He provided the teams with two different stories about the room to see if they could be easily influenced by what he said. He is considered to be one of the ultimate skeptics and questioned everything. It was actually a pretty good idea to have someone who does not sit there and agree with everything Zak and Dave say as well as the hopeful teams.

The teams taking on the hospital tonight include Marcus (Lead Investigator), Jason (Second Investigator) and Clare (noted tech geek as she refers to herself, and also the team member who likes to stay behind the scenes.) of Paranormal EXP, and Scott (or Crazy Scott as his fellow members call him because he “plays with the ghost minds”), Matt (Investigator and Audio) and David (Tech Manager) of Verified Paranormal. The two teams both have a different type of energy. Marcus of EXP is very serious and focused, and Scott seems to be a prankster and a little lighter.

The teams are given the rules and their equipment. They are followed by a cameraman, as well as robotic cameras throughout the hospital. Team Verified starts off with team member Matt stating he is afraid of Room 323, and it is indeed verified as his lead investigator Scott points at him while Zak asks “Who is afraid of Room 323?” Verified Paranormal starts off in zone one and Paranormal EXP starts off in zone two.

Verified sounds pumped as they begin their investigation and start sounding like a bad version of “The Three Stooges.” The team begins with provoking. David begins by stating he is a “gang member,” using himself as a trigger object. David then stops and drama ensues, as he states he can’t breathe. I was once told by a doctor that if you can talk, you can breathe, so that seemed a bit sketchy.

David is still provoking after he gathered himself together and received a little support from his team (too bad Dr. HOUSE wasn’t around). While the more serious and slightly intense group Paranormal EXP begins their investigation, Marcus announces he feels chills, but states he could just be nervous or otherworldly. He wants more proof. Their MEL meter begins to go off, and they are briefly tagging things they are experiencing. Marcus asks if there are any animals in the building, because he heard a “hiss.”

Dr. Shermer is working his skeptic abilities on the teams by telling them two different stories. One story involves George’s room. He was an elderly patient who would poke, punch and prod nurses and doctors. David of Verified says he is being touched, and it feels heavy in the room. Marcus of EXP heads to Room 323 on his own. He announces, “I’m all alone; come on touch me,” then he ask the question “Have you had that feeling that you’re not alone?” He also continues to repeat “touch me,” prompting Zak to suggest nicknaming him Touch Me.

Davis, on the other hand, is hearing noises he can’t explain, causing him to burst out “What the hell was that?” It would be nice to hear something different other than the angry provoking or the shocked gasps when someone hears something in a dark abandoned building. It would be interesting to hear calm, sensitive provoking that is not as harsh, or possible legible questions that match the year and how the people spoke and topics that were in the news during these events.

The teams are more involved in this episode, at least there is more interaction, and the teams are not fighting or rushing off to finish and “get it over with.” These people are tormented souls who died traumatic deaths, and this leads into Scott and Matt announcing they are hearing screams. David also catches it; he hears the loud screaming. He is caught off guard and shouts, “What the F*** was that?” He looks a little shaken up, but is still holding it together. David now heads toward the crematory and states this place has an eerie feeling. There are real human bones in the crematorium, and David wants to feel the connection of the John and Jane Does.

In the Chapel, the team discovers a kitchen nearby, and Matt and Scott hear the voice of a child. Scott calls it crazy. Clare, Jason and Marcus of EXP believe something or someone is making their equipment malfunction. They are having slight technical difficulties, but still keep their team spirit (no pun intended). Matt and Scott of Verified ask calmly (for once) for the spirits to come out and hang out with them. For a big dude, Scott is a little jumpy.


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